Apple Juice Water for Dandruff Treatment

Apple Juice for Dandruff Treatment

We all know that fruits contain a lot of anti-oxidants. Apple is one of the fruits that contain lots of anti-oxidants. The apple juice is very beneficial for treating stubborn dandruff on the head. Dandruff treatment with apple fruit is one of easy dandruff treatment to do by yourself at home.

How to make apple juice for dandruff treatment?

apple juice for dandruff treatment

Take three or five apples and then put in a blender to make juice, strain and then take the water alone. Let the apple water had to stay overnight, in the morning you can use apple juice water to treat dandruff on the scalp. Use at least twice a day just before take a bath. Massage until evenly to the entire scalp with dandruff, do not scratch because it can cause injury. After the apple juice water evenly on the scalp then leave it for 15 or 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.
As long as you use the apple juice water for dandruff treatment is prohibited to wash it first. Repeat the above two or three times a week until the itching in the head due to dandruff disappear.
If your hair feels dry after using these herbs you can combine it with olive oil as a moisturizer. Use olive oil alternately with apple juice to avoid an overly dry scalp.

Hopefully these tips useful and you will be free of dandruff forever.