Avoid from Castor Oil Thermal Effect

Avoid from Castor Oil Thermal Effect

Castor oil is the best hot oil treatment to make hair more thick. Castor oil is highly recommended for hair treatment to make hair grow faster. This method has many uses and proves the efficacy of castor oil to make hair healthier and thicker.
Actually using of castor oil for hair care is safely and no side effects , but for those of you who have a sensitive scalp and dry, using of castor oil on hair care can lead to thermal effects on sensitive scalps.

hot castor oil treatment for hair

This is happen because the presence of surfactant substances contained in castor oil. Surfactants are usually found in powdered detergent to clean clothes. In the existing sensitive skin surfactants in detergents can irritate the skin that feels hot. Likewise that occurred on the sensitive or dry scalp when using castor oil can cause excessive heat to be comfortable.

How to reduce the burning sensation when using castor oil for hair growth treatment?

castor oil and honey for hair treatment

To avoid the effects of castor oil’s heat you should use a mixture of pure honey with castor oil with 50%, in addition to reducing the thermal effects of pure honey is also very good for strengthening the hair. Castor oil and a blend of pure honey is very good combination hot oil treatment for thin hair to become thicker and stronger.
So it is highly recommended for those of you who have sensitive and dry scalp that has problems with hair loss.

How to do castor oil hair loss treatment?

First, warmed the castor oil before it was been used for 10 minutes. For one treatment just use 10 to 20 ml of castor oil and mixture with pure honey with the same ratio. Rub evenly into the hair to the roots, massage the hair and scalp so that the oil more quickly absorbed into the pores of the scalp. Then cover with plastic cap, leave on for 1 to 2 hours, then shampooing with a special shampoo for sensitive scalp and then rinse with cold water. You can use conditioner or not after shampooing. Use a mixture of castor oil and honey twice a week on a regular basis to obtain optimal results on your hair growth.

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