Baby Hair Growth Cycle

Baby Hair Growth Cycle

Baby hair growth cycle – Infant’s hair loss can be a thing that alarmed the parents who do not know about the growth of the baby’s hair. Hair loss in infants is normal.

baby hair growth

The hair root sheath (hair follicles) has formed since the baby in the womb, precisely after the 8-week-old fetus and continues to grow until the birth time.

Hair newborns called temporary hair or Vellus. The vellus is usually very delicate and thinner than permanent hair. Therefore sometimes there is often a baby’s vellus hair is thinner than when the child grew up. Although many babies born with dense hair.

Vellus or temporary hair will fall off by itself in 1-3 months later. Each baby has different conditions, there is the baby will probably fall in the first month, some are in the second or third month. Of course hair loss in infants is not all fall out, but it turns alternately. After the baby’s age 3 months usually Vellus has loss all and changed entirely with permanent hair.

That is why in the first week of the baby birth sometimes go bald in some places. Baldness is mainly found in regions commonly affected by pressure. For example, the baby is too many sleep in sprawl or because of friction with the pillow.

Baby hair loss is actually commonplace although it occurs in permanent hair because there is a life cycle of hair. Hair loss is still normal if no more than 100 strands per day.

So if the parents are worried about her baby hair then that should be considered is to provide nutritious food. If the baby has enough nutritious food menu in 6 weeks later will appear effect on the hair. In addition, of course, the cleanliness of the scalp and hair care should also be good so that children can grow healthy hair.

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