Benefits of Eclipta Alba for Health

Benefits of Eclipta Alba for Health

Benefits of eclipta alba for health – In generally Eclipta alba are the wild and many stemmed plants type, above sea level. Plant height reaches 80 cm. It grows upright position sometimes sideways.

eclipta alba

Stem round brownish green, white-haired little rough. Green leaves are elongated ovoid shape, leaf tip pointed, serrated edge smooth or nearly flat, both surfaces hairy leaves, feels a bit rough. Compound interest hump-shaped white pieces. The fruit is elongated, flat, hard and hairy.

Benefits of Eclipta alba for hair

Eclipta alba produce black dye. The liquid juice is used to blacken the hair and to get a tattoo color. Eclipta alba leaves kneaded in water, which is then used to cool the head and to nourish and black hair. Eclipta alba fluid applied to the baby’s head in order to quickly get the black hair. Eclipta alba steeping in coconut oil is used as hair fertilizer oil. Eclipta alba oil are popular in Java since 1970. Please read again about home remedies eclipta alba for hair.

In Ayurveda (Indian medicine book), eclipta alba believed to be the sort of properties that have a long life and youthful. Recent research suggests that this plant has healing power for liver disorders and stomach.

In other places, Eclipta alba used topically for skin diseases, eczema, “water fleas”, and even to overcome the venomous animals attacks such as a scorpion sting or snake bite.

In Bali Island Eclipta alba leaf is also used as a salad or mixed into vegetables.

Ecology and Dissemination of Eclipta alba

This plant spread throughout the world, in tropical and subtropical regions, in many places has evolved into a very annoying weeds for several many types of crops. In India, China, Thailand, and Brazil, also found throughout Indonesia.

Eclipta alba able to adapt to a changing environment, especially in places poorly drained, wet areas around the river, ditch, or swamp, but it is rich in sunshine. Starting from the shore-weed survival in salt-ground to a height of 2000 m. Ability to growth and flowering throughout the year, Eclipta alba able to produce 17,000 seeds per individual plant.

eclipta alba

Latin name Eclipta alba:
Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk.

Habitat of Eclipta alba:
Grown in the open like in the street, terrain, side ditch, from the shore to a height of 1,500 m.

Content Eclipta alba:

Ecliptine, AlfaTerthienylmethanol, 2 – (Buta-1 ,3-diynyl) -5 – (but-3-en-1-ynyl) thiophene, 2 – (Buta-1 ,3-diynyl) -5 – (4-chloro- 3-hydroxybut-1-ynyl) thiophene, 5 – (3-Buten-1-ynyl) -2,2 ‘-bithienyl-5’-methyl acetate, wedelolactone.

Efficacy Eclipta alba:

Efficacy Eclipta alba: treat vomiting blood, nosebleeds, blood urine, dysentery, hepatitis, diarrhea, uterine bleeding, less nutrition, Whitish, graying.

Traditional recipes of Eclipta alba:

According to some literature, Eclipta alba can help cure some diseases, among others:

  1. Swollen gums. Take Eclipta alba fresh leaves, then baked until dry. Then make powder through processing. Apply powder to a hospital.
  2. Hair fertilizer. A handful of leaves Eclipta alba crushed, plus 2 cups of water, strain. Air filters are condensed one night. Wet your scalp with a massage, once a day.
  3. Sores on the head. Eclipta alba taste boiled leaves, water for washing the head, the waste is rubbed into sores. Or crushed fresh leaves, water, juice applied to sores.
  4. Whitish. Take 30 grams of fresh leaves eclipta alba plus chicken stock in the team, then drink.
  5. Nosebleeds. Take a handful of fresh leaves Eclipta alba, washed. Then crushed, squeezed. Air feelings plus 5 shots of water, steamed so hot. Drink 2 times a day, after meals.
  6. Diarrhea. Take 30 grams of fresh leaves eclipta alba boiled, drinking.
  7. Coughing up blood. Approximately 60 grams of fresh leaves aring Urang crushed, squeezed. Water feelings brewed warm water, drink.
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