Best Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Best Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Olive oil is the familiar and the best hot oil treatment for hair. Beside that Olive oil has been known as a food flavor enhancer, this oil also has a variety of benefits, both for health and beauty. No wonder if the oil is called “the gold liquid”. You do not need to make your homemade hot oil treatment for hair for olive oil, you can find it at the store or super market around your home and a hot oil treatment for hair from olive oil and the price is very cheap so it does not drain your pocket. Below are problems that solved by the best hot oil treatment for hair by using olive oil to your hair.

a. Hair Dandruff Problems.


Many shampoo products on the market is thought to dispel the problem of dandruff, if you have problems with dandruff hair that you should not replace your shampoo with anti dandruff shampoo other but you can handle it with olive oil. Combine olive oil with a few milliliters of your shampoo. This can reduce the dandruff more effectively than if you use shampoo when washing your hair. Use it every time you wash your hair regularly, dandruff will undoubtedly be lost. And this way is safe for your scalp health.

b. Dry hair problems.


Dry hair problems we often encounter. Many reasons that cause your hair is dry.
For dry hair due to pollution and the sunlight, a hot oil treatment for hair from olive oil is the right choice to solve. That is very simple and easy to do, you have to dry your hair before using it. Apply olive oil on your hair and scalp. Massage lightly for 5 minutes to help the oil impregnation optimally. After that, wrap your hair with a wet warm towel, and then close again with a shower cap and let it for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with clean water.
For you who frequently use a hair dryer, best oil treatment for hair of overcome the dryness of your hair when using hair dryer you must rubbed olive oil on your hair first before blowing.
Using a hot oil treatment for hair and scalp by olive oil regularly are believed to be the right solution and healthy. Because the nutrients contained inside can repairs damaged hair cuticle while providing extra moisture to the hair. So the hair becomes more healthy, softly, shiny and not branched.

Do you want to have beautiful hair as Cleopatra?


Cleopatra was a very beautiful figure of the past. We can describe the beauty of a fairy tale book about him. She had a very beautiful, thick and shiny hair. According the legend of Cleopatra, she had cared by using olive oil to have a beautiful hair only. She believed that Olive Oil is the best hot oil treatment for her hair Would you have yours like her? Here’s how had she was done.

1. Pour about a half cup of olive oil into a container of heat (aromatherapy fireplaces). Allow the oil reaches the temperature is warm (tepid), so it is comfortable for your hand when rubbed into the hair.

2. Close your shoulders with a towel to avoid staining clothes for olive oil droplets.

3. Take a little olive oil on your palms and massage into your hair. Concentrate on the scalp massage sessions for best results. If you have an irritation on the scalp, to avoid rubbing the oil on the scalp. Massage with your fingertips and not with your nails. This massage will stimulate the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. That’s why you should massage your hair at least once a week.

4. After an olive oil evenly on your hair, roll your hair into the top and cover completely with a shower cap or plastic. Covering the hair will help the flow of oil seep into the pores of skin and hair. Wrap your hair with warm towel can also be an option.

5. Let stand your hair about half an hour and then rinse with shampoo and clean water.

That is the way to make your healthy hair, thank you for reading to this articles in best hot oil treatment for hair at