Cananga Oil for Stronger and Hair Fragrance

Cananga Oil for Stronger and Hair Fragrance

Cananga oil for stronger and hair fragrance – Cananga flower (Cananga odorata) is a native plant from Southeast Asia. The plant is one tribe with soursop, the family of Annonaceae. Judging from the figure of plants, Cananga flower is divided into two types, those are trees and shrubs. However, both included in the same species. Cananga plants shaped tree height can reach 20-30 meters. While a shaped shrub reaching 1-3 meters height only. Cananga flower or some countries call ylang flowers are in groups, and each group consisted of 3 groups of pieces, each with 6 groups of interest. The young flowers are green, while the older is yellow. Highest yield and quality of oil found in the ripe flowers perfectly ( yellow color ).

cananga flower or ylang ylang flower

The cananga essential oils ( some countries call Ylang ylang oil ) are derived from refining the flowers from Cananga odorata plants. The cananga (Cananga odorata Hook) probably come from Philippine. Cananga plant thrives in lowlands with high humidity, tropical climate and proximity to the beach. Land where grown shall have good drainage and not rocky.

Cananga oil is commonly used as an odor’s binder in perfume and soap fragrance as an ingredient.
The area famous and most widely produced cananga oil from cananga flowers in the world are Nosy Island in Madagascar, Philippines, and Indonesia.

The benefits of Cananga oil

The essential oil from cananga flowers is used in medicine for aromatherapy to soothe and relax the soul especially when PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome). Cananga flower‘s oil is also used to relieve pain or cramping that occurs when menstruation and menstrual launched, also can lower blood pressure, may be used for high blood pressure. This oil may also be used for cosmetic uses such as subtracting the lines of aging, promote new cell growth, acne treatment, rough skin problems and oily, accelerate hair growth, and many benefits that note wrote here. This oil can be used as the common cold or bronchitis, asthma and malaria fever.

cananga oil or ylang-ylang oil

Cananga ( ylang ylang ) oil for hair treatment

To care for the hair to remain healthy, not easy to fall off and smelling good you just simply applying cananga oil evenly on hair after shampooing. Warm the cananga oil by dipping into hot water. Dry the hair with towel and applying the oil to your hair, massage gently until the oil seep into the pores of your scalp. Use preferably in the morning before you leave for work or before you start a routine activity. Feel the scent of your hair while you indulge.

You can mix with a little of hazelnut oil for hair care more healthy and shiny. By using the cananga oil regularly will help you feeling the therapeutic of aromatherapy that can relax tense nerves because cananga oil can regulate the flow of the hormone adrenaline that you will emerge feeling happy, calm, relieve anxiety, and can turn away from wrath.

Similarly the benefits of cananga oil for hair care and treatment to make your hair remain healthy, stronger and fragrance.

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