Celebrities Who are Experiencing Hair Loss

Celebrities Who are Experiencing Hair Loss

Celebrities who are experiencing hair loss – A result of the hair extensions uses and often mutually do the hair painting and too frequent chemicals used on the hair eventually some of these celebrities experiencing hair loss.
When viewed from the perspective of their treatment, of course they do often and even more expensive treatment in the famous salons. However because do the painting too often, finally straightening and hair extensions habit, hair loss can also occur to theirs.

Some of the artists who experience hair loss as reported by some famous electronic media include:

1. Neve Campbell

neve campbell hair thinning

The famous actress through the film ‘Scream’ is claimed to have suffered severe hair loss when she was 23 years. “At that time I was working too busy and taking care of a divorce. I also followed people and received threatening letters. I am very stressed and hair began to fall,” Neve said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

2. Tyra Banks

tyra banks hair loss

Former supermodel, entrepreneur and founder of America’s Next Top Model is also not spared from hair loss. He admitted that stress is the cause of hair thinning. His condition was getting worse when he wrote his first book. “I’m having a bit of alopecia (hair loss that causes thinning and lead to permanent baldness) due to stress,” as he told to NBC News.

3. Prince William

Prince William baldness

At the age of just 30 years, Prince William has been experiencing thinning and hair loss. As a result, the first son of Prince Charles was also experiencing balding on the top of his head. His baldness was quipped by Justin Bieber. “Now there are many products that can be used to prevent. I do not know why he did not try the products to recover his hair will grow back,” said Justin.

4. David Becham

David Becham hair thinning

Even celebrities with the most stylish hairstyle like David Beckham can experience hair loss and baldness. When going to dinner in Los Angeles with Victoria Beckham and her youngest child, Harper, the head of the soccer star was seen bald in the back.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan hair extensions

The 26 year old actress was wearing hair extensions for years. She is also often mutually hair color and perm. As a result, experienced hair loss and bald patches adorn her head.

6. Jenifer Aniston

Jenifer Aniston hair loss

Frequent of hair extensions uses cause her hair thinning. Aniston hardly the first celebrity to be faced with thinning hair after more extreme doing hair extensions and styling, but the good news is the damage is reversible. As long as she does not go back to old habits the hair should grow back healthy and revitalized. But, if she want to speed up the process of hair restoration doing a low-level laser therapy regimens and take some supplements might to help stimulate her hair grow back.

7. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell hair loss

Naomi is known to have an obsession with hair extensions. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon beauty techniques applied too close to the hair follicles, causing hair loss and eventually baldness. The British woman with 42 old ages was recorded in a photograph showing he was boating yacht after swimming. In the photo, Naomi looked on the front of her head look bald.

8. Britney Spears

Britney Spears hair loss

Britney Spears is the celebrity that often seen wearing hair extensions. Whether it was following the trend or wants to cover some thinning hair, hair extensions but obviously not very effective disguise hair loss. The jury of singing contest ‘The X Factor’ was never caught on camera with the back of his bald head portion.

Those are some celebrities who are experiencing hair loss. Hair loss can affect to everyone including us. Doing natural hair treatment is the cheapest way to prevent hair loss. Therefore treat your hair properly, use natural ingredients that have been trusted for generations and the very efficacious to preventing hair loss.

Please read some of our tips in this blog about doing hair treatment. Hopefully our tips are useful for us.
Natural hair treatment is best for preserving fertility hair. Take care of your hair because the hair is a crown for women.

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