Coconut Oil Treatment for Hair Lice

Coconut Oil For Lice Treatment

Hair lice is one serious problem with hair, like a dandruff. But the hair will be a flea problem is really serious if not handled immediately, because in addition to causing itching in the head, head lice can also cause scalp injury.
Head lice are bloodsucking insects. In contrast to mosquitoes, head lice are permanent parasites that depend on one person. A lifetime female lice lay about 140 eggs. The eggs were randomly sticky in the base of the hair. Development from egg to adult takes about three weeks.
When all the eggs hatch and the other half (70 head) that females lay eggs 140 pieces, then there will be 9800 new lice! Do not be surprised when you see that the lice can rise and grow very quickly in the hair.

hot oil treatment for hair lice

Head lice often eat. In one day they could eat 6 to 12 times. The itching is felt when lice were eating. Harsh scratching can cause secondary infections in the scalp.

Most eggs, larvae and adult lice can be found in the crown of the head (temporal and occipital). When head lice more increase, some can be attached to the edge of the head. Head lice can not only be in the head, but also on delicate skin in the ear and neck area.

hair lice treatmentEggs are still living in the base of the hair, while the egg shells and dead eggs can be found at a distance of 2-3 cm from the hair root. Position of eggs on the hair can help determine the duration of the smitten. With the hair growth rate averaging about 0.5 mm per day, a month flea eggs will be around 1-1.5 cm from the skin.
Head lice is common in school-age girls are between the ages of 8 to 15 years because of their many associate with other classmates who have the habit of treating hair differently.

How to remove lice by coconut oil treatment

coconut oil treatment for hair liceCoconut oil can enter the respiratory tract and kills lice by making them weak and dehydrated. You can use Coconut oil as hot oil treatment for hair to remove the lice from your hair. Warm the coconut oil before using it, use it regularly and evenly throughout the hair to the root surface. To get rid of head lice more coconut oil wear your hair looks so greasy, if necessary, massage your hair and head up the oil evenly.

Then cover your hair with a hair cap. This method should be done at night before bed. Wash and rinse your hair in the morning. Comb your hair with a special comb to comb the lice. Repeat the above every day until your hair free from lice. Usually less than one month you have been free of head lice.

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