Curly Hair Treatment and Tips

Curly Hair Treatment and Tips

Curly hair treatment and tips – Curly hair must get a very special treatment in order to look beautiful and shiny.

Care less your curly can become tangled and limp. Wrong curly treatment can make hair damaged and tousled as if he had just struck by lightning.
Curly hair apparently much influenced by the weather. If the weather is humid, it will increasingly kinky impression. If the weather is hot it will easily become tangled.

curly hair treatment
So, what should we do to make curly hair treatment in the right place? Here is the curly hair treatment and tips to look more attractive:

  1. Shampooing and using Hair moisturizer
    Choose a special shampoo for curly hair will help to provide the vitamins needed by the hair and hair root to make it look fuller.

    curly hair treatment and tips

    For those who have curly hair, you should wash it twice a week enough. Shampooing too often will remove the natural oil on your scalp so the hair looks dry.
    To moisturize your hair, use conditioner every after shampooing. Using conditioner also helps prevent tangles and gives a natural sheen to the hair. Always use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, preferably one that is specially formulated for curly hair.
    Use conditioner at least once a week. Close the head with a shower cap and leave on for 20-30 minutes.

  2. Combing and Haircut
    If you have curly hair, avoid comb and brush hair tightly toothed. Tight-toothed comb can make your hair getting tangled so unattractive. A wide-toothed comb is the best option to prevent tangling or hair damage.
    Good haircut is essential to maximize the impression of curls. Cut or trim your hair every 8-10 weeks to keep hair in the best display.
  3. Detangling
    Detangling is a very important process for those who have curly hair. Starting from the shower when the hair is still damp and newly awarded conditioner, start detangling your hair with your fingers.

    detangle comb for curly hair

    Before drying if you want to use styling gel can be directly used and let stand until the hair is completely dry. When dry, trim the hair using fingers to separate curls. Continue the proficiency level with a wide-toothed comb from head to root. After making detangling should to rinse your hair again.

  4. Blow drying
    Do not use a blow dryer is recommended for those who have curly hair. Better let hair dry naturally to help reduce the occurrence of hair tangling. When forced to use a hair blow dryer use a diffuser too. If you have more money, use an ionic hairdryer is the best choice. Ionic hairdryer can make hair more shiny and smooth and can reduce the time for drying.
    Gently pat wet hair with a towel, avoid rubbing your hair with a towel as it will cause damage. In addition, while still wet combing can also cause damage to the hair.
  5. Styling
    curly hair treatment and tips

    Use products that contain moisturizing ingredients to prevent frizz. Using mousse to damp hair while helping to maintain healthy looking hair curly.
    Shine Serum is a great finishing product for those who have curly hair. Shine serum will make curly hair into shiny perfect.
    Try to find a hair stylist expert that specializes in curly hair styling for a more professional advice.


  • Be careful with the styling products that contain alcohol because it can cause dryness and create frizz.
  • Do not use too much gel or mousse. Hair will become oily and should be frequently washed.
  • Do not brush your hair.
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