Dandruff and Children Hair Disorders

Dandruff and Children Hair Disorders

Dandruff does not only affect to adults. Children also can develop from dandruff. Slightly different, dandruff in infants is not likes white scales, but more like a crust. No wonder, if people get to know her as the crust or the crust cap head (cradle cap). This scale occurs when a baby aged less than three months.

The skin and venereal specialist explained that convulsions occur because it is still lagging androgen hormones in the body of the child. This hormone is derived from the placenta when the baby is still in the womb.

These androgen can trigger dysfunctional or malfunctioning oil glands (sebum) on the baby’s head. Cradle cap is usually preceded by white scales on the skin of the baby’s head. White scales can be thickened and crust if often exposed by outside air. But, with decreasing content of androgens, and crustal thinning gradually peel yourself.

Although able to resolve itself, does not mean you should leave it alone. Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive, the presence of the crust can make itching and discomfort resulted. Moreover, if allowed to continue, the crust on this baby can also interfere with hair growth.

To clean the dandruff in babies, the doctors do not recommend you use a dandruff shampoo for adults. Use of products for babies and baby shampoo to gently brush using wash lap.

dandruff in baby and children

Do not also force the repeal of the crust of the baby’s head because it can cause infections of the skin. In order to more easily cleaned, you can apply baby oil to the crust that sticks to the scalp is easily cleaned when shampooing.

Why the condition of the hair may be a reflection of overall health condition? The answer is because the condition of the hair is determined by various factors such as nutrition, health conditions, through heredity. Well, what if your child’s hair like this?


No need to worry if your baby hair quite thin. As long as he is healthy, there is no problem really. Shaving the baby’s hair is just tradition. From the medical side, there is no link between hair shave to condition subsequent.
Which determines the thickness of thin hair is the following four factors:

  • Genetic
    When parents and grandparents have thin hair, shaved 100 times the child was still thin hair. Likewise vice versa.
  • Nutrition
    Adequate nutrition will clearly affect the texture of hair. They are his nutritional intake is usually less hair is thinner, dry, easy to break and fall, and they tend to reddish in color.
  • Hormones
    One of them contained the hormone androgen in the body of the mother while pregnant
    It is understandable why the hair of a newborn is usually very dense. However, because the baby can not produce their own androgens, androgen effects in the long run that carried over from his mother disappeared. The baby hair will fall out and replaced by the original hair may be thinner.
  • Environment it also has a share
    Much exposure to sunlight and air pollution will make the hair matted, dull and easily broken / loss.
  • Diseases
    Among other things that cause the appearance of dandruff is seborrheic. Dirty hair by the scalp crust flakes fall out and thin.
dandruff in children


The cause is presumably due to genetic abnormalities. Or very probably while pregnant women experience a serious disorder, such as exposure to radiation, chemicals, or radioactive. As a result, infants born with no hair, not grow-grow even as you age. Fortunately, these cases are very rare.

Fall out

Actually, the hair grows every day so it is still considered reasonable and can be tolerated if hair loss not more than 100 strands every day and last no longer than 3 months old. Beyond that, the loss is not evenly alias only in certain places, there is no other way except to take it to a doctor immediately. Unnatural hair loss usually occurs in children after the children when the body produces antibodies that are likely to damage the hair follicles so that hair does not grow (Alopecia totalis). This congenital disease not only makes hair fall out all over the head, but also eyebrows and eyelashes. But if handled quickly, this disorder can be overcome.

children hair disorders


This word is very popular to our ears. The cause is eczema or excessive perspiration. Eczema on the scalp can flourish if the hair and scalp quite oily. This condition is generally influenced by stress, irregular eating habits, and lack of sleep. Handle it? Shampooing every time exposed to excessive sweating. Use a dandruff shampoo for the hair to match. If the complaint classified as severe; incredible itching or eczema of the scalp have been fulfilled or mushrooms, there’s no other way except talk to your dermatologist.


The reason could be due to internal factors of poor nutrition, hormone production disorder, or suffer from certain diseases. Naturally adapted to overcome the root cause. Fill the needs of children with the principles of balanced nutrition, adequate and varied. Do the treatment of the disease too. While external factors that cause such as air pollution, unhealthy environments, are often exposed to hot sun, manipulative action against the use of hair as a hair dryer, curling, paint, alignment and the use of chemicals other inappropriate or excessive hair.
To reduce these complaints, improve environmental sanitation, use an umbrella or a hat as a protective headgear when I had to be in the hot sun, and minimize use of chemicals and manipulative acts on the hair. For example, instead of drying my hair with a hair dryer, better winds are naturally short.


Whatever the condition of your hair as clean as a child at home, so he goes out, open the opportunity for him to catch head lice. How to avoid it? Do not be lazy to comb it and be diligent to check the condition of hair. If caught fleas, use a hair drugs that are safe for skin. Then close the hair with a towel for several hours or overnight. Combing with a special comb, cleaning the hair strand by strand of head lice and eggs are the best. Diligent cleaning sheets, pillowcases and other objects allow lice to survive.


According to the research Boni E. Elewski, MD, a professor of dermatology at the University of Alabama Birmingham, there is a type of fungus that often affect children’s heads, namely T. tonsurans. This fungus can cause ringworm infections that cause itching on the scalp. Ironically, children in large cities are more susceptible to this infection. Especially when environmental condition is not clean. Moreover, the mode of transmission is relatively simple, can be from an infected pet, as well as shared use of a comb / hair brush, hats, and other media in the head, such as headbands, clips, and helmets.
Infection by ringworm, symptoms include a rash, red spots or coin-shaped ring around the abdomen, neck, thighs, and back to the rough edges but soft in the middle. When on the scalp, would appear similar to dandruff scales.
Rather difficult to distinguish them from dandruff because the visible symptoms are very similar. It’s just that sometimes, make the scalp ringworm infection due to the scales which hardens in layers. Although not dangerous, if left this infection will have a negative impact on the condition of hair. Increasingly severe hair loss and eventually led to the occurrence of permanent baldness.
Avoid it? Get used to each family member uses its own beauty equipment, including combs, hats, bandanas, headbands, ribbons, and even a hair tie. Periodically wash the comb using a shampoo and warm water. Another fungus cause is a fungus causing ringworm infections Tinea capitis. Symptoms include skin redness, scaling and thickening occurs / itchy swelling that very disturbing. Disruption of this fungus can be divided into three, namely the black dot (looks like a bald, but still there is the stump of hair), gray patch (hair loss without any stumps of hair) and Kerion celsi. Both problems can be overcome with this first special shampoo and anti-fungal drugs.
While the latter is the most severe disorder that causes severe pain and itching. Patients with scalp sores and scabs will be met so that the disorder familiarly called honeycomb. If not resolved, kerion fungal infections can cause permanent bald. Treatment is not enough just to antifungals, but also need antibiotics.

dandruff in children

Gray hair

Namely the change of hair color hair color as a whole. It’s called heterochromia, which is a group of hair a different color than the other hair. For example, the color of the hair on the eyebrows or a mustache and goatee on a slightly different age groups of hair color on the head. There is also a different color of hair between the location of another one that may be caused by neurological disorders of the skin.
In the disorder known as Somatic mozaic will be found white hair a pinch-pinch in a specific location. Another cause is a genetic disorder that is usually in the form of partial albinism. For example, a lock of hair in front of the head or a white forelock. There is also a disorder called vitiligo poliosis result, or the cessation of the formation of hair pigment. As a result, the skin is colored white and brindle hair on the skin is too white.
When the little gray, usually the doctors will look for problems related to the endocrine / hormonal and metabolic problems. It is not impossible condition is associated with other diseases, such as neurological disorders.
Before the child could be suffering from certain illnesses and so well, there was the gray hair. Genetic disorders that are usually not be left unharmed. Never paint it because it was feared even bad. In addition, protect the child’s body, especially the eyes from exposure to direct sunlight because the iris does not have a child like pigment so unprotected. When the cause is a condition of malnutrition, could certainly be improved by good nutrition. Without adequate nutrition, not just long gray hair, but hair does not grow.

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