DIY Castor Oil Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

DIY Castor Oil Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

DIY Castor Oil Hot Oil Treatment for Hair – Do you have unruly hair, damaged and fall? Maybe you could try hair care as we write here. You can try this hair treatment on your hair twice a week overnight and it seems to have worked wonders! Broken and unhealthy hair common among us who live in California because in here the temperatures reach below 38 F in the night and this happen almost in winters. This coldest is worst for your skin and make the hair dull and unruly and then fall out. You would see if you comb the hair there are many hair loss in your comb, and certainly you will have thinning soon.

castor oil hair treatment


As we read on some online media and television a lot of hair care products there. However, I am keen to use castor oil for the treatment of damaged hair. Of course we’ve read from various sources regarding the use of castor oil for hair damaged and because of our experience we also want to share with you who have hair problems like us. At first we also believe 100% less the efficacy and benefits of castor oil for hair care before we try it yourself at our hair.

We proud to do this hair oil treatment! Once we tried to use castor oil unexpectedly in recent weeks we have felt that there is a new hair growth that occurred in our hairline and we did not even though they may not have thought too much, but it makes us happy because castor oil is able to help hair us to look thicker. Our selection of the castor oil because oil is easier to get and not smelly so we liked.

castor oil for dull hair

Castor oil has regenerative properties which makes this great for using on your hair:

Castor oil helps normalize the pH levels of your scalp, which is important because if your pH levels are off your hair will break and fall out more easily. It leaves your hair cuticle smooth, sealing in moisture and giving your hair a smoother and shinier finish.

Also, if you have any dandruff problems, castor oil is the best hot oil treatment for your dandruff. Your scalp might dry over the winter, and it suffered from some unsightly flakes on your worst days. After using this Castor Hot Oil treatment, we noticed a considerable reduction in the amount of visible flakes. In other words, you weren’t scared about running your hair without starting a dandruff flurry anymore! Castor oil is the best hot oil treatment for hair!

Castor oil treatment is used to give hair moisture as it gives the look of conditioned hair without having to condition every day in winters. If you have damaged or dry hair as a result of such thinning as coloring, blow-drying, straightening, or other styling factors, than a hot castor oil treatment for hair may be good for your hair. It most often makes hair look more healthy.

The recipes of hot castor oil for hair treatment are:

3/4 cup castor oil combine with ¼ cup of coconut oil, you may add 2 drops of rosemary to aroma


Take some mixing oil and put in the tube then warm it up until it is a few degrees warmer than room temperature. After heating the tube of oil, generally for a minute or so, you can message the hot oil treatment into your hair and scalp in circular motions. Massage all the oil thoroughly in the hair so that all the hair will be able to be exposed to the hot oil. This massages the oil into your scalp which in turn also helps the circulation on your head. Many times people that use hot oil treatments do not make sure that all their hair is exposed and this can cause weakness to those areas of the hair.
Once you are done massaging the oil into your scalp, make sure the rest of your strands are covered and then take a warm towel and wrap it around your head. You can leave this for 30 minutes or overnight. Use the towel to keep your head before going to bed.

In the morning you can rinse the hair and the scalp thoroughly under the running water. After the hot oil treatment is done processing, shampoo your hair as you regularly do using a mild shampoo. You might have to wash it out a couple of times, but it is well worth the effort to DIY Castor oil  hot oil treatment for hair.

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