Dreadlocks Maintain and Treatment

Dreadlocks maintain dan Treatment

Dreadlocks maintain and treatment – Dreadlocks are both of lifestyle and hairstyle now. Dreadlocks process is not for a few years but it goes for long time, not instantly of course.


But with any products you can make dreadlocks very fast. You don’t need to waste time to make dreadlocks.

dreadlocks treatment

By using some products and learn a simple techniques you can create beautiful, clean dreadlocks in just a few months.
How to make dreadlocks with your hair right now? There are many video you can watch for your inspiration how to make and care your dreadlocks.

Here I tell you some tips how to maintenance your dreadlocks to look beauty, healthy and clean:

  1. If you have first time making dreadlocks not to wet the hair in a period about four to six weeks after the process of becoming matted. During this period it will feel itchy and dirty on your scalp because of dust and oily. Well, to clear up the itchy scalp, choose scalp care products that not clog to the pores or cause buildup such as anti-itch scalp oil and organic root stimulator herbal cleanser. Pour both products are each as much as a drop on a piece of cotton, and apply little by little to the scalp.
  2. In the early days, enlist the help to the expert to care for your dreads. They can demonstrate how to keep hair look neat and well groomed.
  3. To prevent dreads look dull, stay away from products that contain high levels of oils such as petroleum jelly. These products can cause buildup and leaving a residue that can damage the dreads.
  4. Do not use a wax though some would argue otherwise. In many cases using wax can cause buildup in the hair each other and leave a sticky residue in the last. As an alternative, use products that contain oil that is almost similar natural oil treatment for hair, such as patchouli oil or essential oils such as tea tree oil, rosemary oil, or jojoba oil. Tea tree oil is actually the most appropriate choice because it can relieve the itching of the scalp.
  5. To keep from being damaged dreadlocks, use loose head cover made of satin or silk when sleeping. Polyester material is also a good option for allowing hair to breathe though covered. If you do not want to use head cover you can use a pillow case made from satin or silk.
  6. When the dreads are finished some experts advice to wash the hair every two to three weeks. However, the frequency can still be adapted to your needs. Shampooing your dreads carefully and gently. When washing the scalp, massage gently using your fingertips and keep the dreadlocks are not tangled.
  7. Use a shampoo that is able to maintain the natural moisture and keep hair acidity. For conditioner, some people choose not to use it for fear of loosening dreadlocks and make hair too soft.

Those are how to maintain and treatment your dreadlocks, I hope this tips useful for your hair.