Dyeing Hair with Natural Ingredients

Dyeing Hair with Natural Ingredients

How to Dyeing Hair with Natural Ingredients – Hair dye does not have to use chemicals ingredients, there are natural ingredients that can replace the function of hair polish. But for coloring hair with natural ingredients should be painstaking.

Natural hair dye treatment

Although it takes time and patience, the natural ingredients remain more secure than the hair polish that use chemicals. In addition, these materials can also nourish the hair to keep it healthy.

Natural hair dye ingredients

Here are the recipes of Dyeing Hair with Natural Ingredients.

1. Dark brown

If you want to dye your hair with a dark brown color, you can use the potions of coffee and black tea. The trick is quite simple, first brewed coffee and black tea in different places about a large glass. It is advisable to make a strong brew with a solid color. Then mix the steeping tea water and coffee into one and allow it to be cool. Pour the ingredients into the hair slowly. Then knead slightly and cover with a shower cap and leave it on for half an hour, then rinse. To get the desired results repeat this process twice a week.

2. Light brown

To get a light brown hair color you can use a cup of Chamomile herb tea and lemon juice. This herb is commonly used by western people to get blonde hair color more shiny. For those of you who have dark hair like Asian people may the results are not overly maximum likelihood. In addition to these ingredients there are also herbs cinnamon and cloves which could also result in a light brown color. The trick to mix half a cup of cinnamon powdered and cloves powdered. Add a cup filled of water and apply to the hair by means of squeezing gently, and let the hair wrapped in a shower cap for half an hour. To get the most repeat this 2 to 3 times a week.

3. Red

To dye your hair become red color, you can use the mixture of hibiscus and roses herbs. Prepare a handful of red rose petals and red hibiscus petals. Mash until smooth these materials and add a little water. Apply to the hair in a way like the previous ingredients.

In addition by using the ingredients above, to get the red color can also by mixing bits and peppers. These ingredients resulting red color even brighter than the hibiscus and rose. You can prepare a cup of paprika powder and a cup of beetroot. Then add a little water and stir until the mixture becomes a thick red. After that, apply to hair exactly the same as the previous ingredients.

4. Black

If you want to dye your hair naturally black you could try using black walnut seeds. The way to prepare a half cup of black walnut powder. Then wrap it in a piece of fabric that is thick, and pour in 3 cups warm water about the size. Pour the ingredients until you get a concoction overnight until solid black the next day.

Besides using walnuts, to get the color black can also use the Eclipta alba leaves. Quite simply by mashing a handful of Eclipta alba leaves to be solid black viscous liquid. Then apply to hair that has been washed and dried. Repeat these steps to be able to keep jet black color as you want.

5. Blonde

To get a dark blonde hair color, you can try to color it with saffron. Sharp yellow color in saffron can coat the hair and produces a dark blonde color. The way to prepare a quarter cup of grated saffron and squeeze it. Enter saffron solution into a spray bottle then spray until evenly to the hair shaft. Knead gently and let stand until the hair dries. If the hair is dry immediately rinse thoroughly. Repeat this way once every two days.

These five natural ingredients above can replace chemicals that are often used in hair coloring. In addition to making the hair to be beautiful, dyeing with natural ingredients are also able to nourish the hair to keep it healthy.

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