Eliminating Dandruff With Lemon Juice

Eliminating Dandruff With Lemon Juice

How to eliminating dandruff with lemon juice? Hair problems often experienced by everyone is dandruff. Dandruff comes due to excessive oil production in the scalp and dusty environment that can make the scalp dirty.

lemon juice for dandruffThe shape of dandruff is usually as smooth and like white powder. Although the shape is very small, but the effect is remarkable itching on the scalp. If it so usually the patient will tend to always want to scratch the scalp. However, this habit will only aggravate the situation scalp, as if too rough in scratching it will make the scalp becomes injured and cause infection.
How to eliminate dandruff?
To be able to know the proper way to get rid of dandruff naturally and easily you also need to know what are the causes of dandruff.

1) Wrong in using shampoo
Despite the presence of shampoo is a means to wash your hair and scalp, but sometimes the type of shampoo that makes it problematic. Therefore before you decide to choose one brand of shampoo is good to consider first whether the content contained in the shampoo according to your skin type.

2) Being in a dusty environment
Dirty environment and contain dust will further aggravate oily scalp conditions. To avoid dandruff as a result of this situation, it helps to protect hair and head with a hat or head covering, and do wash regularly.

3) Using a comb alternately
Perhaps you often borrow the comb to others. It would be too risky to cause dandruff on your scalp. Therefore you should use a comb personally. And not shared with others.

How to eliminating dandruff with lemon juice? Handling of dandruff in general can be done by keeping the scalp well by washing the hair regularly and use a shampoo that is specially formulated for oily skin and dandruff. As for herbal remedies you can use lime juice extract. The content of the lime juice is believed to reduce the production of excess oil on the skin, including the scalp.

The trick is to spread the lemon juice on the scalp evenly, while given a gentle massage. Let stand for 30 minutes then rinse in cold water. Perform this step 3 times a week.

So are some interesting tips on how to get rid of dandruff easily may be useful.

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