Five Causes of Damaged Hair

Five Causes of Damaged Hair

Five causes of damaged hair – Come on … Recognize the early causes of damaged hair! We’ll tell you how to get the softness and beauty of your hair back. But wait, do you know if in fact often so damaged hair was actually caused by your own bad habits, don’t you? Yes, it’s true. Well, now that is not confused anymore, just know the five factors that can make the hair so damaged.

beautiful and healthy hair

External Factors

Not just the weather or the sun that could be “hate” in your beautiful hair, but external factors here also include office space or room that is too cold so that it can make the hair become dry, broken, and eventually branched. This is due to a decrease in the protein content of your hair. So the heat from the sun can damage proteins, while cold conditions caused by air-conditioning and the weather could actually reduce the hair moisture level.

Hair straightener tools

straightening cause hair damage

Nothing wrong really want to always come up with different hairstyles vary each day. If you have straight hair yesterday, today you want to have curly hair like Christina Aguilera on Lady Marmalade video clip? Okay, it could be (although I do not recommend it) provide that of all that followed with proper care! Because if not, all action style before it can make dry hair, damaged, and even branched. Yes, when it was hit with a wave of excessive heat, cuticle in your hair will be broken so that substances that retain moisture so hair is lost.

Cuticle scrapes

Starting from drying the hair with a towel, combing the hair frequently, until the habit would not shut when sleeping, it could cause friction in each strand of your hair cuticle. This could lead to the surface of the hair so brittle and fall out.

Chemical Substances

Bleaching, perming, coloring or straightening, all can make your appearance look changed instantly. But unfortunately, in order to get the pretty look in a heartbeat tempo that healthy sheen of your hair can be a victim. Because if not treated properly, the chemicals had been able to eliminate the power of your hair and make it dull, brittle, or it could be broken. Not to mention the proteins that are present in the hair will be joined reduced. The same was also true for those of you who love to swim. Without proper treatment, the water contained chlorine in swimming pools can make dry hair and brittle, you know.

Internal Factors

food cause hair damage

Unusually busy routine is often the main reason forgot to eat. And once the opportunity to have lunch, you decide to eat fast food anyway. Why? Because for women as active as your time is so precious. Do not become a habit! Did you know, it turns out that the body lacks nutrients can have adverse effects not only for health, but also hair. Ranging from changing the color dull, dry, causing hair loss.

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