Free tips from Hot Oil Treatment

Free Tips from Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Before using a hot oil treatment for hair, you should know what is your hair types and the problems. Here you must read this free tips from hot oil treatment for hair about hair loss and what will you do to avoid it.
In the medical science, hair loss is called ‘efluvium’, that means losing more than 120 hair strands per day that happen equally or at specific are of your head only. Hair loss can be temporary, and may persist due to damage hair follicles.
In general, hair loss is caused by various conditions, such as:

1. Intentional trauma. While you’re doing : curling, straightening, excessive hair ties, etc.

2. Post birthing. Excessive hair loss can also be experienced by mothers after childbirth. This condition lasted about 2-6 months, after it returned to normal hair growth.

3. Psychological factors can also cause hair loss, sometimes repeated and prolonged.


4. Heat. Some diseases with fever over 39 degrees Celsius, for example: Typhoid, pneumonia will usually cause loss of hair after 2-3 months.

5. Other diseases can also cause hair loss, such as outbreaks of skin on the head.

6. Treatment of certain diseases such as cancer, can often lead to hair loss, especially high doses of the anti-metabolic drug. However, normal hair growth will return after the medication is stopped.

7. Lack of nutrition (malnutrition) and certain substances such as vitamin B12, folic acid, iron. That cause an effect on hair loss.

8. In addition, the causes of hair loss is influenced by hormonal factors, metabolism, food intake (nutrition) and scalp blood circulation and the hair follicle condition.

Tips to overcome hair loss.


Hair loss is most tedious, especially for teenage. Hair loss will reduce your appearance and unconfident. If you have a problem with Hair loss? Do not be afraid! For you who have this problems, here is some action that you have to do :

1. Avoid coloring, straightening, and curling or styling your hair sustainable and continuously. Because of will be a lot chemical substance in your hair and this leads to brittle hair.

2. Let hair dry naturally, without drying. Overuse of hair dryers can cause your hair brittle. Try not to comb your hair while still wet.

3. If you have thin hair should be cut. Short hair can make it look thicker. Some men shave all the hair line to retreat out of sight.

4. Try not to using hat daily and continuously except safety helmets at work.

5. Strict diet can contribute to your hair loss, so make sure to consume protein and iron in your diet menu.

6. Protein is important for the formation and repair of body tissues, including hair. Make sure that one-sixth of the total intake of calories and foods such as meat, fish, cheese, and nuts. Iron is also good for healthy hair, eating cereals, legumes, fish, poultry, meat and green vegetables is good for hair health.

7. If you are in the early stages of hair loss due to heredity, you can try a solution containing minoxidil which can restore the fertility of your hair. Minoxidil solution can slow or prevent permanent hair loss for men and women. The treatment is given twice a day and need to be continuously since its effect is reduced after you stop. We recommend consulting with physicians for using.

8. Contact your doctor immediately if severe hair loss or in part in recent weeks and the hair loss caused by medications or illness.

Hair loss is often a concern of each person who experienced it. Especially for women, hair is a crown, so in case of loss is certainly very unusual attention. Actually, each person will be experience hair loss, but when it exceeds 10%, the loss could be said to be abnormal is happening. And of course it needs further treatment.

Do not despair if you are experiencing hair loss, many traditional ingredients from nature that we can use to prevent your hair loss. That’s why this website exists, because we want to help you to prevent your hair loss. Let the process run slowly, The must important is we have obtain satisfactory results. Thank you for reading on