Gray Hair Natural Treatment

Gray Hair Natural Treatment

The emergence of gray hair is one of the signs of aging and it happened naturally. But if the gray hair appears before the time, it could make an appearance disturbed. Some ways to prevent and deal with the emergence of gray hair is by learning the cause. Often leading to habituation and gray hair is caused by many things, including genetics, metabolic disorders, malnutrition, stress, using a wrong shampoo or hair dye with high chemical products and so on.
When gray hair appeared on the hair, sometimes we like to pull it out. Unplug the gray hair habit brings a bad effect. If gray hair pulled, it can damage the hair pores and interfere with nerve hair roots. Some people believe that if we pull out the gray hair it will grow more and more, this is just a myth. gray hair natural treatment

When the gray hair began to appear it means and sign that there is a problem with the production of melanin. So, when the gray hair pulled, in fact there are already some gray hairs that will grow up.
The right way to prevent and gray hair natural treatment is to eat a nutritious diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Start exercising regularly likes smooth running for body metabolism. Regular exercise can calm the nerves and mind, so it is very influential in slowing the onset of gray hair. Avoid unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol, night out, and others. Diets balanced by choosing foods rich in protein, low in fat and contain lots of nutritious fruits and consume nutrients.
papaya seed for gray hair treatment

Gray hair due to hair dye pigment called melanin is inhibited. The pigment produced by melanocyte cells. Melanocytes can’t produce melanin if the body lacks of vitamin B 12. Nutritional of vitamin B 12 can be obtained from food like meat, liver, oysters, crab, crab, salmon or tuna fish, poultry, eggs, milk and other dairy products.

Papaya seeds and coconut oil for gray hair treatment

Give vitamin for hair to get adequate nutrition, or maintenance of natural materials. Many herbs can be used to overcome gray hair. Among the content of papaya seeds can help to prevent gray hair, just need to take a bit of papaya seeds, toasted and finely ground and mixed with a little coconut oil. Apply the mixture on the hair and scalp. Let stand for about an hour, then wash it as usual. Using this recipes about two or three times a week and see the result.coconut oil for gray hair treatment

If you have gray hair appears, do not rush to despair. The emergence of gray hair was cused the hair pigment melanocytes decrease. Certain foods can increase the production of pigments that will prevent gray hair does not come back. Iron-containing materials are the most important. Iron is a nutrient that stimulates the production of melanocytes. Do not forget to always consume green vegetables and red meat because they are enough to get the right amount of iron. No harm in taking a complete multivitamin to maintain a nutrient balance in the body at the same time will protect the body against disease.

Gray hair painting

The last thing to overcome gray hair is a hair painting that has been considered a practical solution to overcome gray hair. But if hair dye is not safe, it can cause neurological disorders that cause dizziness, insomnia, hypertension, heart palpitations and so on. So, in choosing a hair dye must be careful.

If all efforts have been made but it still appears gray, maybe the solution is on vacation. Leave the daily routines that create stress. It will create a more relaxed holiday, so that your metabolism back to normal and gray hair does not grow back.

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