Hair Braiding Tips and Treatment

Hair Braiding Tips and Treatment

Hair braiding tips and treatment – Hair braiding styles has been very popular for women and children from the past to the present. In the earlier times hair braiding model looked monotonous only but with the development of current hair braiding style the model are many and varied and it become one of the trend in hair styling. Many celebrities who look pretty with her hair braid models.

hair braiding style

Some types of hair braids that are still popular and become trend in hair style icon namely:

Double trouble braiding style

To give the sexy impression with this model is the most important prior to braid your hair would be sprayed with hair texture to make the hair softer and follow desired the direction when you comb.
Then, just braid the hair. Then, just braid the hair. When tying the ends using elastic rubber, spray all the entire braiding with hair spray and hold briefly for three minutes, briefly ruffled your braids areas that have been created then remove the rubber.

Front braiding style

Hairstyles with front braids will make your face look beautiful. Even if there are bangs in your hair, it can be combined for different vary hair length.

French braiding is one of front braiding style. To make French braiding style is grab some hair on the head, and then start from one side and then forwarded to the ends of the braids. Tie it with a pin or a hair tie to make the braids not be detached.

All mixed up braiding style

Apply mousse to help you hair look not limp. Then blow dry your hair, turning downward, and ruffled. This time you will get the hair look more volume. After that, start doing patch braiding in the right area of the head to the end. Combine with flipper braiding to all your hair area to one side of the head and finish with hair spray.

Irregular braiding style

This hair braiding type will make your hair look funky and a little more sociable. The trick start of some of the hair braids, randomly irregular.

To be more attractive, make sure when you do the same number of braids on each side of the head. Most importantly do not go overboard when choosing this braids type to looks trendy and feminine.

The water fall braiding

Although a little complicated this braiding models can make you look sexy. After giving the curly texture of the hair, grab some hair from one side of the face to be taken to the other side.

When doing ‘crossing’ to the other side, make a link like embroidery on the back of the head area and end with a braid that hung down as usual.

Wrap star braiding

Use hair tape as an accent on style this time. Spray with root lifting spray to make each braids bar more elevated. Then comb to the back of the head and then intertwine to make patch braid along with the tape that had been prepared. So the results still look stylish, randomly using fingers and spray with hair spray. Doing hair braiding style is not recommended to do every day because it can cause hair damage and hair loss. This is because the hair will be strained if braided and even fewer you might use chemical hair treatment.

How to avoid hair loss when doing braiding?

The advice you can do hair braiding style two weeks every weekend to limit the damage of your hair. Maintain your hair with a natural treatment if you do hair braids too often. You can alternately to make a braid style with treatment oil to care from damage or you can use a wig hair braiding alternatively if you don’t want to take some risks on it.

Okay….congratulations to do hair braiding and hopefully it keep your hair healthy, shiny and stay stylish in accordance with current trends.

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