Hair Loss in Cancer Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Hair Loss in Cancer Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Hair loss in cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy – Patients with Cancer Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy Treatment often have side effects that look real, like hair loss, nausea and loss of appetite. For hair loss there are some things you can do.

cancer hair loss treatment

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy is an effective treatment in addressing cancer and relieve symptoms of cancer. Potential of side effects should not deter patients to get treatment back.

“The side effects of cancer treatment vary from one patient to another patient. Radiotherapy for example, the side effects will depend on the irradiated part of the body,” said the the Doctor of Medical and Cancer Radiotherapy Installation in Dharmais Hospital, Jakarta.

But, according to the side effects are most visible is the hair loss. The difference in the side effect of hair loss in chemotherapy and radiotherapy are : in chemotherapy, the hair will usually begin to fall on the entire head area. But in radiotherapy treatment hair loss occurs in the irradiated area only.

Hair loss will grow again when the treatment has been completed, but will usually be thinner. Here are some ways to cope with hair loss during and after cancer treatment:

1. Covering the head with gel or using ice cold during treatment
This is to reduce the chemotherapy drug that is absorbed by the hair sacs, thus can preventing to the hair follicles damage and hair loss.

2. Shave
With a shave, hair loss will grow back with more even after treatment is complete.

cancer hair loss treatment

3. Using headgear
By using the hat, scraf or other headgear can make heads protected, especially when patients are discharged undergoing radiotherapy in the head.

4. Wearing a soft wig
To cope with hair loss, can be solved by wearing a soft wig. But specifically for patients with radiotherapy in the head, make sure the wig is used not irritate the scalp newly irradiated, because the bodies of the recently irradiated will be very sensitive.

In addition to hair loss, side effects of cancer treatment the most common are nausea and lack of appetite.

To overcome this, there are some that can be done, those are:

  1. Eat a little bit by bit
  2. Eat frequent, small meals and slowly
  3. Avoid eating fatty foods
  4. Drink cold water (room temperature) between meals
  5. Eat foods that are not too smelly and can be served at room temperature
  6. For severe nausea, try liquid foods such as juices, blended foods or foods that are easily absorbed as toast and gelatin
  7. Try breathing and relaxation techniques every length you sick

To more potent how to make the hair grow back quickly you can do hot oil treatment.

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