Home Making Curly Hair Naturally

Home making curly hair naturally

Curly is beautiful. Every woman would like to have curly hair naturally. Many women did not know how to curl the hair naturally, some of them went to the salon when wanted to make curly hair by using chemicals or use the curling iron like a clamp. Though such methods can lead to hair loss and damaged. In this time I want to share what I have done to make my curly hair naturally. This way is very simple and you can home making curly hair naturally by do it yourself.

Use home making conditioner every time after shampooing

Do not forget to use conditioner every time finished shampooing. To get curly hair naturally, beautiful and not dull, you should use a conditioner every time after shampooing. Use conditioner according to your hair type, or you can use a natural conditioner from avocado fruit juice as we’ve written in this blog. Or you can use vanilla fruit juice and whole milk as a substitute for other conditioners. Then Flatten conditioner with wide-toothed comb or fork comb, allow up to 2 minutes for the conditioner to soak into the hair then rinse the hair thoroughly. Dry your hair with a towel until half dry and then apply a styling product that has a moisturizer evenly throughout to the hair except the scalp.

Use a special Hair Dryer

Use a hair dryer with a specially shaped funnel to dry your curly hair. In order to make more volume of your hair turn the head and blow in the hair root area for 1 minute. home making curly hair naturally

To avoid tangled hair do not use a comb when you did.

Here is the way how to make your curly hair naturally

  • Blow the hair to dry and then spray with styling spray
  • Roll some of the hair to the outside for 20 minutes.
  • Open the rollers and comb your hair by using your hands
  • For curly hair itself, wrap the hair in pencil to make spiral form.
  • Spray with hairspray. Hold for 10 minutes
  • If you want bigger curls or wavy course, use a long cylindrical objects with diameters larger, for example: use a bottle of perfume or shampoo.
  • The conclusion is the smaller object for wrapping the hair your hair will become more curly as the result.
  • Use a hair band to tie the hair which wrapped around the pencil,
  • You can do other things while waiting

Home making curly hair naturally has been done, you can make your own mode as you like.
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