Home Making Shiny Hair Mask

Home Making Shiny Hair Mask

Here we would home making shiny hair mask with green tea and butter. Before we do to make hair mask, you might know what is the benefits of green tea and butter especially for hair treatment.

Benefits of Green tea

Green tea is a natural ingredient that has been widely used in beauty
products. Green tea was first popular in China and Japan because those
countries have a tradition of drinking tea every winter. Scientists
strongly believe that green tea contains polyphenol antioxidants that are
beneficial to health because it can reduce the risk of heart disease, to
kill tumor cells, and inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially
skin cancer cells. It also can help smooth the process of digestion by
stimulating the production of digestive fluids and intestinal peristalsis.

With the development of science and technology Green tea is also used to
support various skin and hair care products. Benefit of green tea such as to cells regenerate, prevent skin aging and so forth. Green tea is also
benefit to maintain vitality and stimulate hair growth.

Benefits of Butter

shea butter and green tea hair mask

Butter or shea butter is a natural solid fat derived from the shea tree
that is widely available in Africa. Many cosmetic products ranging from
moisturizers, lipsticks, hair mask, hair conditioner were used butter as
its main ingredient. Butter is known for their role as a moisturizer and
emollient, but actually many reasons why Butter is an excellent product
to help your skin and hair problems Butter contains cinnamic acid, which
turned out to be as natural sunscreens. Benefits of butter the other is
to aid cell regeneration and capillaries circulation, so it can be used
as an ingredient to prevent skin aging and to care dry hair.

Home making green tea and butter for hair mask

Prepare some dry green tea leaves, boil with 200 cc of water to make 50
cc of green tea water, strain the fabric to obtain a liquid extract of
tea leaves. Prepare one cup of butter that has been warmed first, then
mix the green tea water into the liquid butter bit by bit stirring until
distributed evenly. After the green tea water and butter blended, then
put the cream in the refrigerator. Use the cream for hair mask in
the morning after shampooing. Then cover with a hair steamer or a warm
towel for 45 minutes, then rinse with cold water and never shampooing
again. Feel the difference on your hair will be more shiny and softly.

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