Home Remedies Acne on the Scalp

Home Remedies Acne on the Scalp

Home remedies acne on the scalp
A few months into my scalp grew a big pimple. It was very disturbing, because it was itchy and if broken will leave marks such as dandruff, and if hitting the comb becomes smarting. Actually, does acne is not dangerous? How do I fix this problem?

Jeany, 20 years


Acne is basically harmless, but if as mentioned above, it feels intrusive at all. Especially if it feels itchy.

The cause of acne on the scalp is usually come when the scalp pores are clogged by oil produced by the glands on scalp. Excessive oil production can survive in the scalp and clog the pores. It is getting worse because the pores are also growing the hair.

Other causes could be due conditioner used to exposed scalp that clog pores. Or even the content contained in the shampoo, conditioner, or other styling products that clog the pores.

home remedies acne on the scalp

Things that you can do are :
first, to know whether the hair product that you used now is suitable for your scalp or not. Try stopping the products you use today, ranging from styling products such as conditioner, hairspray, gel or styling. If the acne problem stops, then you have found the cause.

If you are still experiencing the same problem, try to change your shampoo and conditioner products.

Still also have acne on the scalp? Well, then it must be checked whether or not you have an oily scalp. If yes, look for scalp and hair care products that are specific to oily scalp. Hopefully, if indeed the condition of your scalp always clean than an excessive oil production could be stopped, the acne problem will stop too.

To overcome the oil on scalp, choose a shampoo and conditioner that contain salicylic acid. The content is used in many beauty products, especially to cope with oily skin and acne problem, because it can raise the dead skin cells more easily.

Salicylic acid also helps to open clogged pores and expel bacteria inside the pores. Thus, salicylic acid can help prevent clogged pores come back again cause of an oil and bacteria at one blow helps the growth of new skin cells on the scalp.

As much as possible, every day or at least every two days to wash the hair and scalp clean with mild massaging on the scalp, then be sure to rinse until everything is clean. This will help minimize blockage of the pores that cause acne on scalp.

home remedies acne on the scalp

For oily scalp treatments using natural ingredients you can read more about tips to control oily hair and scalp, if the acne has ruptured and become raw for prescription medication you may use home making seborrhoeic dermatitis that had been I wrote on this blog, please read again.

That is the tips about home remedies acne on the scalp. Good luck.

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