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Eclipta alba (also known “Bhringraj” and “False Daisy”) is a kind of herbaceous plant, wild grow and found as a weed. This plant is a species of tropical plants and is still in the family Asteraceae. This plant has been known as an ingredient for hair care as because it contains Ecliptine the black liquid inside.

eclipta alba bhringraj oil for hair

According to the Ayuvedic’s book, and we know that this book containing the ancient recipes of hindi. It told that the oil produced from the plant Eclipta Alba is widely used by Indian women for hair grow, hair fertilizer and to make more blacken hair. The Asian women with the tropic climate they are generally has many problem with their hair, the common of the problem is they have a branched hairs.

oil treatment for hair growth

And for a long time they trust to Home remedies Eclipta Alba oil for hair can solve the branched hair problems and to most grower their hair. And any hair problem else like break easily and rapidly graying. They have proved the efficacy of Eclipta Alba leaf as their remedies as the written in the Ayuvedic’s book.

How to make home remedies Eclipta Alba hair treatment as Ayuvedic’ book?

eclipta alba for hair grow treatment

Eclipta Alba extract oil as the manufactured according to traditional Indian recipe is very simple and easy, the materials used are liquid paraffin 150 cc, 1 cc of oil seeds, some pieces of eclipta alba leaves and methanol to dissolve the eclipta alba leaves. If necessary you can add an interesting dye. Put and soaken the Eclipta alba leaves into a methanol solution up to 24 hours or until slightly the methanol color is green to brown because the active ingredient which leaves eclipta alba ecliptine be dissolved inside. Then add the ingredients above, it has become the oil for the hair care of Eclipta alba oil.

How to use Eclipta Alba extract for hair grow treatment?

Before using you must wash your hair with the shampoo and dry it, apply the Eclipta Alba oil from the hair to the scalp evenly. Let stand for 3 to 5 hours, while you waiting for a long time you should do this at night. In the next day at morning while wake up you rinse your hair with warm water and should not be shampoo to wash again. The direction for using if you want to use again you have warmed the Eclipta alba oil in hot water first before doing. And you can back to using direction above. If you have done it routinely for 5 months you will experience amazing changes. Your hair will grow more fast and thickly. And for this treatment you can do 2 or 3 times a week.

Buying for Eclipta alba oil

eclipta alba hot oil treatment for hair

If you do not want to home remedies of Eclipta alba oil, you can buy it directly at the perfume shop. And the same way as prescription treatment above, to keep in mind warmed before use. There are many hair care products that contain oils Eclipta alba, the most common is in Indonesia they have made pure Eclipta Alba. Indonesia people called to Eclipta alba oil is “Minyak urang-aring” and many product hair treatment oil here contained Eclipta Alba substance.

In the research has been proving that Eclipta Alba extract is more better than minixidil substance for the maintenance and hair growth. For you who have baldness problem can be overcome by the use of Eclipta alba oil. Please read the references site here.

Thank you for reading and happy to try home making eclipta alba oil treatment for hair growth