Homemade Hazelnut Oil for Hair Loss

Homemade Hazelnut Oil for Hair Loss

Hair loss may cause baldness and this problem can happen to anyone indiscriminately. Baldness may attack men and women and this almost as high as 90% which generally occurs at a still fairly productive age. Baldness problem start from about 18 years old or older when the productive age hormonal changes. Resulting in hair loss baldness also against the background by a factor of rupture of the hormone DHT (de hydro testosterone) which will then destroy the protein that serves as an auxiliary means of hair growth, so the hair will easily fragile and experiencing hair loss then becomes severe and result in baldness. See more my written in Baldness, oil treatment and diet to back review.
hazelnut for hair loss

Hair loss that caused baldness can be solved by using a selection of herbal ingredients that are believed to help hair re-growth in a healthy and prevent hair from brittleness. Herbal ingredients are easy on around us and can be used as a spice in a generally makes a cooking spice, hazelnut seed that had long been used as natural ingredients to help hair growth, hair to look healthy, dense, long, black and shiny. I have written about make hot oil treatment for shiny hair with hazelnut oil. Here I write about the other benefits of hazelnut and how we can homemade hazelnut oil in difference recipe that I have even written before.

Here’s how to make natural hair oil from hazelnut seed :

  • Provide about 20 of hazelnut seeds and 100 cc of water, washed, mash it and whole bean hazelnut puree with added water, stirring until blended.
  • Then heat the pan without any oil or whatever, then enter the collision had hazelnut seeds and cook until smooth until remove the oil, then strain the oil from the waste.
  • When lukewarm, rub the hazelnut oil into your scalp evenly with a gentle massage and then let sit for an hour while until the hazelnut oil seep down to the roots of the hair then rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo which is used until there is no residual oil that remains attached to the scalp or hair.

If you regularly treat with hazelnut oil, you can see the result for next 3 to 5 month and the new hair grow come again in your scalp.

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