Homemade natural conditioner for hair

Homemade Natural Conditioner for Hair Treatment

How to homemade natural conditioner for hair treatment? Conditioner is a substance that is needed for hair treatment, especially for the kind of dry and brittle hair. You may read forward about hot oil treatment for dry hair firs. You need a conditioner after making hot oil treatment for hair and shampooing.

hot oil treatment for hair

To obtain better results and making your hair strong and not fall out easily you need a conditioner for hair after shampooing. The conditioner for hair treatment can be made using natural ingredients DIY at home. The materials for use are some pieces of aloe vera leaves, lemon juice and seeds of perfume ( you can use rosemary oil ).

How to make a conditioner for hair treatment

Take some aloe vera leaves and peel of the skin and then juice it. Take 20 cc only and is able to take care of your hair for a month.
Take some lime fruit and then squeeze the water to be obtained only 5 cc.
Combine the ingredients above evenly and add perfume seeds to make smells good, you can use rosemary oil to be fragrant herbs. Add distilled water until you get 60cc of aloe vera conditioner and mix to homogeneous. The process of mixing the above ingredients can be done with a mixer at low speed so that the process becomes more prevalent. The last you can pack it into oil or shampoo bottles.

How to use aloe vera conditioner

aloe vera conditioner for hair
  • For normal hair you can use aloe vera conditioner after shampooing. Pour just enough conditioner into hands and then wipe the surface evenly throughout hair, massage the conditioner evenly to the scalp, let stand a few minutes then rinse with clean water. You do not need to use other hair care products.
  • For dry hair you can use after you are done with oil hair treatment, to remove the remaining oil then wash with special shampoo for dry hair conditioner and then put on aloe vera that has been made earlier. Rinse with cold water and clean. After that you can use oil longer hair care but little to reduce its use so as not to dull hair.
  • For oily hair or greasy you can use aloe vera conditioner after shampooing your hair more shiny and not easily soiled. You can rinse with warm water first than rinse again with cold water.

Because it is made from natural ingredients will not cause any side effects on your hair and scalp. Aloe vera conditioner is also very good for hair growth. For those of you who have thin hair to use aloe vera conditioner for your hair regularly to be fertile so that the hair will be thicker. Thank you to share homemade natural conditioner for hair.