Hot Coffee Treatment for Hair Growth

Hot Coffee Treatment for Hair Growth

Hot coffee treatment for hair growth – Coffee has many benefits for people around the world. Many people know coffee just to drink like a tea. But after doing research for long time it turns out that there is the caffeine content in coffee is very good for skin and hair care. Caffeine content in coffee can increase blood circulation to the scalp, which stimulates hair growth. When massaged directly into the scalp, caffeine can stimulate the hair follicles to accelerate hair growth.

coffee for hair treatment

So many hair care products use ingredients of coffee. Useful addition to stimulating hair follicles, coffee can also be used as a natural hair dye especially for you that has black and curly hair. Your curly and black will look more healthy and shiny with coffee hair treatment.

How to treat hair with coffee is very easy:
Take 5 to 10 tablespoons of coffee powder and then boil with two glasses of water (400 cc) until the water is reduced to a glass (200cc). The coffee has been brewed cold let it first, then after cooled and then filtered to separate the waste. If it’s cold then pour into a spray bottle for easy use. Spray on hair roots allow up to several minutes to dry then rinse your hair with shampoo product types commonly used.

To make shiny hair almost the same way with the use of coffee as a hair growth above, but you don’t need to filter it. You can directly use the already boiled coffee and a warm place to soak your curly hair once a week. Or can do pouring directly into the hair, but that must be considered is not to hit the face.

Coffee can also be used as ingredients for hair dye that is the way the coffee powder mix on dark colored hair dye. This is just to give the effect of hair color booster.

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