Hot Oil treatment for dry hair

Hot Oil Treatment for Dry Hair

If you have dry hair type usually you have a dry scalp too. The problem of dry hair is hair fall and hair broken that usually happen. This condition is not only irritating but it is very embarrassing for your appearance. This situation will worsen if you are coloring your hair, straighten and curl your hair. Nobody wants and like about this condition, you will have dandruff, itching and discomfort situation with your dry hair and scalp.

What should you do if you have about dry hair problem?

hot oil treatment for hairTo solve dry hair problem you need a lot of money to treat your hair with your expert or doctor. If you can’t do it, there is a simple hot oil treatment for hair to solve your dry hair. Many people believe for a long time ago has been trying this recipe to have treatment for hair dry problem. This hot oil treatment is cheap and you can homemade to treat your dry hair and scalp problem safety because no harsh or fouling smell ingredients. This hot oil treatment can control your oil on your scalp and reduce from irritating dry scalp symptoms. This oil treatment is good to remove the embarrassing dandruff and make your hair looking normally.

olive oil for dry hair treatment Hair dry and Scalp Treatment

To treat your dry hair and scalp treatment you have to prepare the hot oil treatment for hair before. You need an olive oil 20 ml, rosemary oil as needed, a comb, mirror, heating pan or hot water to heating the oil or a saucepan and towel to protect your clothing from mishaps when you start to treat your hair.
First you need to make an ingredient from 20 ml olive oil and 5 to 10 drops rosemary oil, mix the oil and heat in by put it in the hot water bath or a saucepan. You need a comfortable chair to sit and make you relax to do oil treatment for your dry hair with a mirror in front of you to see you do when you treat your hair by yourself. Evenly apply hot oil treatment for firs in your front hair to back, you need some gently messages to your scalp to help the oil go to the pores.
hot oil treatment for dry hairOnce everything is evenly cover your hair with hair cap and wait for 1 to 2 hours while the oil seeps into the hair roots. Rinse and shampooing your hair thoroughly with a special shampoo for dry hair, and rinse again with warm water first and then rinse with cool water for second and let it dry by itself. Don’t use a towel for a long or using a hair dryer to avoid hair fall. Comb it with rare teeth comb to avoid the hair broken.
Do this recipe once a week to solve your dry hair and scalp problem with hot oil treatment for hair.