Hot oil treatment for fall out hair

Hot Oil Treatment for Fall Out Hair

Is your hair dull, dry, and fall out? It sucks not. There are many products are heavily promoting her products to solve this problem. But often we are disappointed. I have a simple recipe to make a Hot oil treatment for fall out hair. This recipe is very easy and practical to make your own. Materials are required only avocado, pure coconut milk and lemon juice. Why not to try a natural way like this?

Avocado is good for a hot oil treatment for hair

Recipe number 1.

If your hair is dry and fall off, then you can handle it with avocado fruit. Usually the fruit is always used as a fresh dessert for you. But you can try a concoction of avocado and coconut milk to be used as a conditioner for dry hair type. Avocados are rich in oil content and coconut milk.

Combination of the two materials, avocado fruit and coconut milk will produce a hot oil treatment for hair. Avocados sources of vitamin B6, A, and E. Avocados are also recommended as a power hybrating and rich in protein. So with so many benefits, you should use a hot oil treatment for hair that will take care of your hair. Substances of avocados were able to stimulate hair growth also. If you want to try it, there are several ways to get this hot oil treatment for hair as a conditioner.


The ingredients that you need is an avocado that has been peeled and crushed. Then prepare the coconut milk to taste. Now you can mix the avocado and coconut milk until the texture thickens equally like shampoo. Dab a little onto your hair like a comb and massage evenly throughout. Allow for equitable for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Recipe number 2.

Another way is to refine one ripe avocado and mix with a tablespoon of lemon juice. After that add a little salt and a tablespoon of pure aloe vera to be like a paste. Apply ingredient in the hair with your fingers evenly. Then cover your hair with a shower cap, and cover with a towel around it.
Let stand for 20 to 30 min. Then open up the hair that has been moistened. Rinse with clean water, give shampoo. Repeat the rinsing to the softer hair and captivating.

Thus a simple way to get Hot Oil Treatment for fall out hair care. Thank you for reading

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