Hot Oil Treatment for Hair by VCO

VCO Hair Treatment

Before we discuss about the problems of hair treatment using VCO, we should first explain the general benefits of VCO.

coconut oil hair treatment

Because of the problems that occur around the hair treatment and scalp are also closely linked with other problems such as stress, poor nutrition and other factors such as straightening, vise and others. This issue we have explained in our previous paper.

VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil is an extract of fresh coconut oil which processed by hygienic technology without heating and without added chemical preservatives. The result is a taste of fresh coconut oil gently with the unique smells of coconut.

hot oil treatment for hair

Smells is not removed because it can change the affect of the viscosity, specific gravity, freezing point, taste, levels of lauric acid, antioxidants and essential organic acids that cause flavor flat or missing. VCO is a white solid when frozen but when the liquid due to the warming will change to clear yellow. All processing is done using stainless steel appliances. VCO contains high lauric acid (50-54%), actually have a maximum purity in terms of quality but a very economical price.

We already know what is the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil in the medical science and health . VCO works for disease prevention Anti-microbial, VCO can relieve stress on the immune system and make the immune system to function more effectively. VCO also refused to free radicals. VCO is also shown to lose weight and maintain slimness. In addition, he is also ready to contribute energy. Capric acid content (10%) able to kill the fungus (mushroom). Other medium-chain fatty acids also serve to kill various gastrointestinal parasites and prevent degenerative diseases, are like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In addition, it also can improve the quality of life of people with AIDS.

Research and clinical trials have proven the efficacy and benefits of virgin coconut oil (VCO) to cure various diseases and other healthy life.

In the cosmetics and hair care products VCO is widely used as basic materials.

First, the VCO benefits for softens and smooth of the skin. Of course, should be supported with a healthy lifestyle: avoid stress, drink plenty of water and avoid UV rays on the skin directly.

Second, to prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. You can do by using VCO as oil in the daily diet.

Third, for hair treatment VCO gives the appearance of healthy hair and complexion. VCO serves as a moisturizer that makes hair smooth and shiny. VCO can also be useful to remove the dandruff on the scalp. Orderly and sustainable use in hair care will make your hair thick, healthy and not easily broken.

What is the recipe of Hot Oil Treatment for Hair with VCO?

vco hair treatment

To solve hair problems like hair dandruff, dry hair, brittle hair and thinning hair. You can use VCO as a cure. How warm the VCO in warm water for about 10 minutes. Pour a little and spread evenly throughout the hair and scalp, massage gently to soak into the pores of the scalp. And let it relax, enjoy the warmth in your scalp. Let stand 20 minutes to 1 hour, rinse your hair with warm water, let stand for 10 minutes and then shampoo your hair and rinse with cold water.
For stubborn dandruff , VCO is good as a treatment after shampooing . Wear a VCO as a conditioner with more rubbing of the scalp equally and do not rinse. Use just enough about only 1 teaspoon. Do not use excessively because then your hair will look greasy. For you who frequently use hair polish, use of the VCO is highly recommended because it will help make your hair color more vibrant. How to use it so easy that you only apply it evenly to the surface of the VCO newly dyed hair, as well as the color will be bright polish will also be durable and does not fade

Tips on choosing a VCO

1.Select the VCO is clear, colorless, much less murky. The more clearly is better, because it sign that the process of making is more perfect.

2. Choose a bottle of opaque packaging to extend the age of the VCO, although it is relatively resistant light, heat and oxygen.
3. If it changed the color and smell, you should discard it. That is indicate rancidity is oxidation on oil. So the quality and benefits have been damaged. In fact it also marks the place of free radicals that can cause cancer.

How do we get the VCO

First, we can make VCO‘s homemade hot oil treatment for hair own. This way I will make a post later, just wait.
The second opinion you can buy it online here. Just pick the picture promote below.

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