Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Growth

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Growth

Before doing hot oil treatment for hair growth, we knew that’s nobody’s perfect. But people, a man or a woman, they want to look good and perfect. There are many ways to do to make perfect. Look beautiful, handsome, healthy and proportionate body, also have a beautiful hair is the dream of every human being, man and woman. Regular exercise, skin care and hair treatment as well as regularly can make us become more confident, but unfortunately we can not do everything in order. Exercise we can do at home, we can jog every morning for 15 to 20 minutes is enough. This can make our bodies stay fresh every day before starting the activity everyday.

hot oil treatment for hair

For facial treatment to look fresh and shine we can do it at home with an easy and inexpensive. Clean the face with a cleanser that fits with your skin regularly when going to bed every night it can make your face fresh. There are traditional ways to make your face a natural fresh is advisable to wash your face with tea that had been soaked in water all day. You can use the tea bath water to wash your face in morning, with the fragrant smell of tea you will enjoy it more and more relaxed.

hot oil treatment for hair growth

For hair there is no special and expensive treatment. You need to wash your hair regularly twice a week with shampoo. You need conditioner for your hair at least once a month, you can make own your conditioner with avocado, this conditioner is good to treat fall out hair because avocado has any vitamins that necessary for hair. Treatment with avocado conditioner is good as you treat your hair in saloon, the different you do not need spend your money if you can DIY your hot oil for hair treatment at home.

Special for hair treatment, you need an extra care to your hair to make your hair shiny and healthy. You need to treat your hair regularly. Hot oil treatment for hair is going to be trend because this method is more simple and smart. You can DIY at your home to do it. Jojoba oil, emu oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Eclipta alba oil are the most and important natural oil that have a lot of benefit to your hair. You can treat your hair with natural oil treatment to prevent hair loss, brittle hair, damaged hair straightening or curling hair. Your hair will be easier to handle when you use the oil treatment as prevention and treatment of hair damage.

How does the hot oil treatment work to your hair growth?

Actually, the hair will naturally undergo a process of rejuvenation or new hair growth within two to six years. But if you have hot oil treatment for your hair it will be growth early. There are three phases of hair growth cycles. These phases are strongly influenced by the age, nutrition, hormonal levels, physiological and pathological factor.

hot oil treatment for hair follicle

Anagen phase is the first phase of growing the hair to grow for actual length. Do you know that in 28 days your hair grow up for 1 cm? And it can stand for 2 years until 6 years before it fall out normally while we comb or any activity. And then grow the new generation with low part of the follicle. If you treat your hair with oil treatment, this is the important thing of the oil treatment benefits. The oil will help the follicle to make your hair growth more faster and make it strong and health. Very important and is recommended for treatment massage oil evenly to the scalp so that oil could get into the pores of the skin to accelerate and encourage the growth of new hair cells die long hair so it does not clog the pores in the scalp and new hair growth was will be faster.

Catagen phase, in this phase the hair follicle become smaller because the hair cell will death and fall out normally and stop producing melanin, the substance of hair color and it happen approximately two weeks to four weeks. That is why sometimes your hair will look dull and not shining because in this phase will cease production of melanin so that your hair color will fade. In this phase of the oil for hair care is also useful to prevent your hair to look shiny and not dull. Coconut oil is highly recommended for you at this phase occurs because the coconut oil will help the hair cells to improve its production of melanin so that your hair will still shine.

hot oil treatment for shiny hair

Telogen phase, this is also a period of rest and this phase going to work for three months. This phase typically will experience hair loss naturally. Oil treatment is useful to prevent excessive hair loss process. If you have treat you hair with oil treatment, talogen phase will take place rapidly and new hair growth will be faster to replace. Of the above then we can take the conclusion that the hair growth need special care, you can choose which treatments to suit your ability. Here we provide important information for your hair care oil.

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