Hot Oil Treatment for Shiny Hair

Hot Oil Treatment for Shiny Hair

Before using Hot oil treatment for hair, you must doing as this letter below.
To care your hair you can do it by yourself at home, without spending a lot of money for special treatment in the salon.

Here’s how to care for beautiful hair, shiny, and healthy that you can DIY :

A. Using Shampoo regularly

Keep clean your hair by using shampoo. You don’t need to use a shampoo every day, adjusting to the condition of your hair. When you have a clean hair It can help blood circulation to the scalp normally. And then also helps reduce stress and help the metabolic network in order to keep growing and developing normally.


B. Using Shampoo when it’s appropriate

Using a shampoo that suits for your hair condition. Shampoo The expensive Shampoo is not necessary suitable for your hair. So .. Do not be swayed towards by shampoo ads, if you are compatible with your shampoos before do not change it, due to mutually shampoo can cause hair damage.

C. Comb regularly

Use a gap-toothed comb and not sharp. Unfavorable comb will easily cause hair damage or loss. Avoid to buy a comb that made from nylon because of the risk of causing the hair to break easily. You must care your comb regularly from hair stuck by washing with warm water until clean.

D. Haircut

Cutting your hair regularly is useful to the ends of hair to remain healthy, not branched, brittle and dry.

E. Nutritious food
Hair requires adequate nutrition to stay healthy. Lack of nutrients in the hair can cause hair loss, dull, dandruff, and so easy to fall out.

F. Hair Tie

Release all the hair fastener tie during sleep, let your hair loose. This can reduce the risk of hair loss and cracked.

G. Sunlight

Protect your hair from the sun, because the sun’s heat during all day can damage the hair.

H. Hats / Helmets

Dry your hair before using a helmet or hat, because it can cause dandruff and hair loss.

I. Hair dryer

Do not overuse hair dryer to dry your hair, because it can lead to dry hair and then fall off easily. Do not rub your hair with a hard towel because it makes the hair tangles easily.

Make your homemade of Hot Oil Treatment for Hair with Hazelnut’oil

Natural hair care with hazelnut’ oil


Hazelnut or in Latin Aleurites moluccana (nutmeg) is known as a potent herb that can be found in spices store. Beneath the surface of the profiled walnut meat, saving a huge benefit for the hair. Treat the hair with natural ingredients provide benefits in the form of hazelnut hair healthy, thick, and shiny. No wonder the shampoo ad featuring a variety elements of hazelnut to blacken and shining hair.
Hazelnuts plan are widely spread in the tropics. Hazelnuts meats had higher levels of nutrient and high energy (especially oil content). In addition to flavoring dishes, candle can also discolor the hair. How to make walnut oil is to burn the candle to dry, then pounded to remove the oil content. This oil is used for hair care. Hazelnut can reduce a hot oil treatment for hair and I will show the recipes below
Here’s how to natural hair care with hazelnut’s Hot oil treatment :

• Take 6 pieces of hazelnut seeds
• Burn about 10 minutes or until blackened. So much easier at the time of burning, stick on a skewer.
• Mash finely and add enough water and cooked to remove the oil.
• Apply the oil on the scalp and hair until evenly distributed.
• Allow a few moments and then rinse with water until clean.

Do it regularly up to 3 times a week, wait…. then you will get shiny hair.

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