How to Do hot Oil treatment for Hair

How to Do Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

I would like to tell how to start to do hot oil treatment for hair. There are many guides how to do hot oil treatment for hair if you like browsing.

how to do hot oil treatment for hair

There are two options for starting your own hair with hot oil treatment. Prepare all the materials that will be used before performing a simple hair care at home. Oil treatment product is the main ingredient for self hair care. You can set your own choice of the oil that suitable to your hair condition, there are various and options to choose the oil hair treatment.

how to do hot oil treatment for hair
You should read to my previous post to know the kind of oils will you used. You can use castor oil, olive oil, hazelnut oil and others you have bought or you have made it own. Here you can use as a single of oil or you can combine some of the oils or mix some of them according to your hair needs. Obviously this is very safe because no chemicals are contained in these oils. For recipes about how to mix of several existing oil later I’ll post my recipe for your reference and in a future article.
hot oil hair treatment with hair steamerHere I would tell the outline of the people usually done. Other equipment needed is a plastic cap to cover your hair after the treatment for several minutes. Some hairpin also needs to help you doing easy when you prepare to start rubbing the oil in certain parts of the hair and scalp. You will optimize and treat more quickly in order to process and obtain optimal results. Pan or bowl to place the hot water that used to warming the oil, and if you have more money you can buy the most important tool called hair steamer.

How is the benefits of hair steamer while you are doing hair treatment with hot oil?

According to some expert told that hair steamer has a lot of benefits into the process of hair care. The several benefits of the hair steamer for hair care process is that the process becomes more effective because it helps to quick absorbed the oil into your scalp pores. When you steam your hair, the pores of the scalp would be wide open and blood flow in the scalp will be smooth so that the oil absorption process would be great and do not require a long time, only 15 to 20 minutes is enough.
oil treatment for hairYou are only first time to invest to buy hair steamer and you can use it forever. Steamer also able to get rid of dandruff more quickly, when the steamer would work exfoliate dead skin with dandruff itself also will go wasted. Hair steamer is good idea while you care and colored your hair, you will get shiny color when you steam your hair after it. Other option when you have not bought the hair steamer, you can use the alternative way by using a hot towel. But you have to back and forth to dip a towel into hot water for process heating up as if you use a steamer. That is no matter, this way we do not need money to invest buying hair steamer. You can steam with plastic cap or without it. Make sure you use a towel to cover all your hair to hair care oil absorption process to be absorbed into the hair roots.
After this process you can rinse your hair with shampoo and use of clean cold water. It will be more relaxed and comfortable for you. You can enjoy all your hair care process while relaxing at home.

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