How to Make Olive Oil

How To Make Olive Oil

Olive oil is an oil obtained from olive fruits (Olea Europaea), the traditional tree of the Mediterranean basin. Oil can be used for cooking, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and soaps, as well as fuel for oil lamps. Olive oil is considered a healthy oil because it contains high unsaturated fat (mainly oleic acid and poly phenols).

Did you know that olive oil has many benefits for our health? Beside used for cooking olive oil also great for skin and beauty treatments especially hair. We can use it directly without having to bother to make it.

Here we show the process of making olive oil with the best quality with the traditional process without the use of chemical substances in an olive oil-making factory in Jordan.

olive oil seed
Olive fruit brought to the factory every day
olive oil fruit

In producing Olive Oil is necessary needs of all olive fruit. Olive fruit only once season a year. When it is not in season in January as the oil-production was also down.

olive oil fruit
Before squeezed olive fruit is cleaned with water
olive oil fruit
how to make olive oil
how to make olive oil
how to make olive oil
olive oil fruits
olive oil fruits
olive fruit is separated from the leaves and twigs
This is a tool that produces olive oil from olive fruit by squeezing to remove the oil.
Olive fruit that has been milked will come out through here, usually olive fruit is squeezed as much as 3 times.
home making olive oil
End Stage – Olive oil is then filtered to separate oil from water and dirt. This process must run under a temperature of 16-28 ° С to maintain the quality of oil.
Oil and then put into containers for 30-40 days until the color of the oil into a transparent and ready for use. Color depending on the type and level of maturity of the olive fruit.
Olive oil should be stored in dark glass bottles to avoid chemical changes and produce high quality oil.
Olive oil is good if it has an acidity below 1%. The lower of acidity more better of the oil quality.
The dregs of the oil can then be dried and used for the fuel.
Sometimes garlic, pepper and other spices are also added to the oil mixture for a richer flavor.

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