How to Treat a Greasy Hair

How to Treat a Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is a serious problem as you have a dry hair. This is look like a nightmare for those who experience it. After shampooing, the hair looks beautiful and clean. However, a few hours later, the hair looks greasy and looks bad.

What causes of Greasy Hair?

Greasy hair is usually do and complaints by people who face problems with acne. It is associated with excessive sebum production. But the problem is not on the hair, it happened on the scalp. The hair gets the excessive oil from the scalp.

Greasy hair is more often found in curly hair than straight hair. This is because curly hair takes longer to remove the oil from the scalp than a straight hair.

The main cause of greasy hair is androgen, or male hormones in the body. These hormones produce oil and the higher levels of androgen, the more oil produced.

In addition, another cause of greasy hair is the environmental and temperature factor. If the weather is hot, we sweat more often, and therefore the hair will become greasy. Washing your hair too many can be the cause of greasy hair too. Scalp naturally produces moisture to keep hair and scalp moisture, but if we are too frequent shampooing, the hair moisture will erode and cause hair to become greasy.

How to make natural treatment for Greasy Hair?

Because of your hair is greasy you do not need to care with hot oil treatment again. To care a greasy hair depends on how bad the condition of the hair. Some hair care products designed specifically for greasy hair that would moisturize its content can vary. When you are combing, avoid to comb your hair too hard. And make sure your comb always cleaned regularly.

Although it is too frequent shampooing, it can cause hair to become more greasy, but the hair should be washed regularly and more frequently if the weather is dry. This is to ensure that the scalp is always in a clean condition. If you want to wash it every day, use a mild shampoo to wash. Do not forget to frequently change your sheets and pillow cases, because the oil is left behind can cause your hair more greasy.

Use a lemon water to treat and care your greasy hair. You can DIY to making a lemon water, it is simple way to do. Squeeze some lemon fruit seeds to get the water, then strain the lemon juice with a cloth. Spread evenly into the lemon juice through your hair to the roots, massage evenly with lemon juice to get into the pores of the scalp. Use each of your regular shampoo and let the soak of lemon juice on the hair roots and scalp. Orange juice is very effective at controlling the production of oil on the scalp.
But if it turns out you still have problems with your hair, it could not hurt to consult with a physician or expert hair salon or hair care clinics. Hopefully these tips help you who have greasy hair problems