How to Treat The Hair After Smoothing

Hair Smoothing Treatment

How to treat the hair after smoothing – For those of you who have straight hair because doing smoothing in the salon, it would quickly be damaged such as split ends, coarse, dry and somewhat reddish hair color. It can be avoided if you understand how to care your hair after smoothing in order to keep the hair healthy and durable smoothing.
We will give you the secrets of how to care your hair correctly after doing hair smoothing :

hair smoothing treatment

Do not wash your hair first for 3 days after smoothing

During 3 days, the drug of smoothing still process the hair straightening for the best results to remain durable, so do not clean the hair of smoothing drug for 3 days ago.

Hair mask

After 3 days, use a hair mask in order to keep hair healthy and remain relaxed after being exposed to chemicals. You can do a hair mask in salon or do it yourself at home. Simply purchase a hair mask sachet ‘s, apply a hair mask throughout hair from scalp to ends of hair after shampooing. Perform a scalp massage that relaxes the scalp. Wrap hair in a warm towel or steam, allow up to 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Using Conditioner

Use conditioner after shampooing to keep hair moist and smooth. That way, the result of hair smoothing will not dry not be broken because the hair moisture accordingly. Simply by applying the conditioner evenly mainly focus on the hair tip because it is more vulnerable.

Perform routine Hair Trim

Doing hair trim at least once a month in order to keep your smoothing hair healthy and free from dry hair.

Use a wide-toothed comb

When using the tight toothed comb the hair will quickly fall as forcibly drawn by the comb. While hair smoothing results are still vulnerable to loss.

Do not use Hairdryer or Hair Iron

These tools will make your hair dry and easily damaged. Because, the tool generates heat that can damages the hair. To drying your hair, simply by using a towel and do it slowly ( not rough ).

Use Hair Vitamins

Choose hair vitamin that works to overcome dry hair and keep the hair from damage. Use hair vitamins after shampooing and before go to bed in order to keep hair moist and healthy.

Do not too frequent shampooing

Perform shampooing maximum two days at once to keep the hair damp. Too often and too infrequent shampooing will make your hair dry faster.

Do all our tips above will make your smoothing hair durable, good luck !

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