Magically, How Baking Soda Cleans The Hair

Magically, How Baking Soda Cleans The Hair

Here the experiment of Margaret Badore after 30 days without shampoo.

Most people, especially women, usually shampooing their hair every day or every other day. This woman tried for 30 days does not wash her hair and the result was very surprising.

a month without shampoo

© Margaret Badore. Left: 20 days without shampoo. Right: After washing with baking soda.

Maybe if you do not wash your hair for three or four days you would felt your hair was very uncomfortable. Usually the hair will become greasy, sticky, or odors if not been washed. What happens when we do not wash it for 30 days?

Margaret Badore are curious to try this experiment by 30 days does not wash her hair with shampoo. She still cleans hair but only with a mixture of baking soda that is very simple. Margaret Badore wants to prove that no chemicals of any shampoo her hair will be fine.

While doing the experiment She takes pictures of her hair every day. Different hair types might produce a different hair condition as well but when you look at Margaret Badore hair, you’ll be surprised with the results.

Instead looks thin, oily, or dirty, it becomes beautiful hair after she did not wash her hair with shampoo for 30 days. According her experiment that shampoo makes hair lose its natural strength. Without any chemical product the hair actually already has the ability to cleanse itself

After knowing the secret, now Margaret Badore never again wear the shampoo. She will only use the baking soda to clean the hair about four days when her hair already feels greasy.

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