Natural Care For Long Hair

Natural Care For Long Hair

Natural care for long hair – Hair is a crown of glory that marks the women most beautiful. If you are a woman, you must be well aware with this statement. Hair is also a decent jewelry that you watch very carefully. No wonder if you are going to spend a lot of time to care for the health of your hair.

natural care for long hair

There are many women in the world who yearn to have long and thick hair. Maybe one of them is you. However, often there are many hair problems that hamper your goal is. Hair loss, branched, dull and dry are some small examples of these problems.

Therefore, it takes proper care and effort to keep your hair healthy. Choosing hair care products also play an important role in determining the health of your hair because these products can contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. Even when you use gel though, you also have to be extra careful.

In this topic we will exclusively discuss about Natural tips for long hair care. Or for those who wish to have long hair, you can also apply some of these tips. Not you curious? Let us refer to the following reviews.
Natural care for long hair

1. Using hair oil
In order to keep your hair healthy and thick, you also need to provide nutrients. One way is to use hair oil. By massaging your hair with oil, blood flow will be smoother so it stimulates the scalp and hair. Well, if your hair is well maintained, then the growth will also be optimal. In other words, accompanied by massaging the oil will give you stimulate hair growth. There are many kinds of oil that you can use for hair care among others is castor oil, olive oil, Eclipta alba oil and Argan oil.

2. Wash your hair regularly
Wash your hair with shampoo twice or three times a week. Do not ever try to wash your hair every day because it can make your hair brittle and dry. Also, do not comb your hair when it is wet. It also can make your hair dry and brittle, thereby reducing hair growth. For shampoo you can choose it in accordance with your hair type.

3. Apply a conditioner
To have long and thick hair, there are also a good idea to use a conditioner in hair care. Conditioner is useful to nourish and maintain the fertility of your hair. The trick is quite simple, use conditioner after shampooing your finish. Besides being able to make your hair look shiny, conditioner is also useful as food for your hair. For natural conditioner you can use Aloe vera or ead for this article.

4. Cut and Trim your hair regularly
For those who want to have long hair and strong, maybe you will feel that the hair cut can reduce the length of your hair. In fact, the function of these cuts is to remove the hair that branched. In addition, the hair cut will also improve your hair growth allowing your hair to grow longer and stronger.

To get long and healthy hair, you also have to be extra careful in managing and maintaining your hair. Do not let the hot sun can damage your hair. In addition, the hair tie that is too tight can also cause your hair is damaged and broken.

5. Using herbal treatment
Instead of using chemicals, you can use the products or natural methods to treat your hair. For example, to create a natural conditioner, you can use a mixture of vinegar and castor oil for your hair care. In fact, you can use natural ingredients are easily found around you, such as Aloe vera or hazelnut oil.

6. A balanced diet
If you want to have healthy hair, you also need to implement a balanced diet. If your diet is unhealthy, any tips or ways that you use will not be effective. In addition to care from the outside, your hair also needs to be in the care of a balanced diet. Inadequate intake of vegetables and fruits to keep your hair healthy naturally.

Well, for Hair-treatment readers wherever you are, that was a few simple tips about Natural care for long hair. If you apply the above tips consistently, it is not likely you will have beautiful hair every woman’s dream. Good luck!