Natural Hair Treatment with Pandan Leaves

Natural Hair Treatment with Pandan Leaves

Having beautiful hair with dandruff free is a dream and people’s desire, especially for women who incidentally love with beauty treatments. This is part of natural hair care to obtain results in accordance with the wishes as its own.

Many beauty products offer a wide range to eliminate dandruff treatment such as anti-dandruff shampoo has been widely circulated in the market. However, even though the consumer has used it, some people complain to the results are not optimal.

Well, If the previous post we have discussed about the strengthening of hair with pecan, so on this occasion we will provide a record that is virtually impossible to little more can help you in removing stubborn dandruff on your scalp. The method used is a traditional way or it could be called Pandan Leaves dandruff treatment. As we know that dandruff is very disturbing appearance for someone because it signifies your scalp conditions are not healthy.

Pandan Leaves for Dandruff Treatment

Pandan leaves are one of the plants that emit scent that is usually used for flavoring in many dishes. In addition to its fragrant aroma, green color of pandan leaves also excellent to be used as a natural food coloring. Due to the nature of the pandan leaves are also classified in medicinal plants. And for its use as a dandruff remover, pandan leaves can be used immediately after a simple process.

dandruff treatment with pandan leaves

How to Treat Dandruff with Pandan Leaves are simple, grab a few pieces of pandan leaves then wash thoroughly and grind until smooth. Once it can be added to a glass of water while squeezing. Once everything is well blended, squeeze and strain the mixture to take water. This water can be used to rub the scalp with a massage. For patients who have unhealthy scalp, use of this alternative healing can be done twice a day until the stubborn dandruff disappear.

Treatment using pandan leaves is good to keep the scalp moist so that the head remains soft and not dry. With normal moisture this scalp will not dry and flaky which could result in dandruff. In addition to alternative healing in eliminating dandruff, pandan leaves also serves to blacken the hair. The way is to boil a few pieces of pandan leaves that have been cut into pieces with a liter of water. Once the water is boiling then deposited during the night. After overnight precipitated you can mix with ripe noni fruit. You can use to rinse the hair after shampooing regularly twice a week.
Those are benefits of Pandan Leaves for Dandruff treatment and Natural Hair Treatment and this can be different choice for children dandruff treatment.

Pandan Leaves Treatment for Hair Fall

To keep your hair does not fall out, you can also use a sheet of pandan leaves blended with 10 pieces of hibiscus leaves that still fresh, a handful of Eclipta alba leaves (false daisy leaves)and 5 pieces of Saucer leaves. Add also 10 jasmine flowers and red roses that had been washed and cut into pieces. Add the sesame oil, walnut oil and coconut oil to taste and heat to boiling.

hair fall treatment with pandan leaves

After the mixture oil had cooler, you can rub the surface of the whole scalp with a massage. Do this before sleeping and wash it next morning. You will see the result for a month with your hair increase healthy and not fall out again.

Those are tips how we can doing natural hair treatment with Pandan leaves, we hope all the recipes benefits to improve your healthy hair and scalp.