Natural Hair Treatment

Natural Hair Treatment

Beauty is not the ultimate goal of hair care process. Healthy hair and shine will support the natural appearance and this nature can provide added value to enhance the confidence up. For those who wear the veil and covered her hair still recommended for hair care. The goal is not merely the appearance, but healthy hair can make us comfortable to do the activity. Hair care is generally done at a beauty salon and using factory production materials that have been packaged in such a way. I’m not a fan of people who like to linger in the salon, but I want to have healthy hair.

natural hair treatment

Healthy Hair that I mean here is not dull, no loss, no dandruff and luminous. The final results of hair care I have done to delay the growth of gray hair. Treatment using natural ingredients is usually done before shampooing. In contrast to the cream bath after shampooing, natural hair treatment are usually done before the dampened hair. The following examples and materials that can be used for hair care in order of effectiveness and outcome.

natural hair treatment
    • Coconut milk

Grated coconut juice of the coconut milk is the most effective ingredients are used for hair care. Hair problems can be resolved is dandruff, hair loss and hair dull. How to using: Take a small bowl of milk to about 500 cc, apply evenly over the scalp and hair evenly. It recommended to massages your hair and scalp to make the coconut milk evenly. Let it sink in as he used on the move at least 30 minutes. The longer is better, but that raises the burden of care and boredom makes us lazy to do the next treatment. After 30 minutes away you wash your hair as usual. Usually to remove coconut oil, shampoo performed 3 times using shampoo. The effect is most felt is in disorders of dandruff, itching in the head will be greatly reduced. Treatment is recommended at least two weeks for once and you will feel the results after two months since you done for the first treatment.

  • Pure Honey


Pure Honey is effective for hair treatment. Mix honey and water for 1: 1 ratio. Dilution used to facilitate the absorption of the hair and scalp. For better results can be obtained when combined with lime juice. How to use: Take the honey and mix with the water, apply and message to your hair and scalp evenly. Let stand for 30 minutes or more. Shampooing and rinse your hair with water. Honey treatment can be used as conditioner. You can use pure honey after shampooing and you do not need to mix with water when you apply the honey as conditioner.

  • Aloe Vera


Aloe vera can be directly applied to the hair and scalp. If you have blonde hair you can use Aloe vera to make your blonde hair more shinny. Take a few pieces of aloe vera, remove the thorns, then cut in half cross-section top and bottom so it will be visible mucus. Rub the aloe vera mucus evenly to the hair and scalp. Sometimes it will feel a bit itchy but it does not matter. Let stand for 15 to 30 minutes, later wash your hair with shampoo and then rinse with clean water as usual. You can add hot oil treatment for hair after your hair is dry. Use the benefit of oil treatment as your hair need to make your blonde hair shinny.

  • Pecan oil / Hazelnut oil


natural hair treatment Hazelnut oil can be obtained by roasting and left in place. You can destroy it so quickly out of hazelnut oil. Pecan is easy to get because it is included in the spices. To obtain 10 ml hazelnut oil you can roast 10 pieces of hazelnut seeds with medium size. You do not need to filter it anymore because you will use it for yourself. Hazelnut oil is great for black hair and help it more glossy black. How to use: Apply artificial hazelnut oil evenly throughout your hair to its roots, massage your head to help the oil is absorbed into the pores of the scalp quickly. Let stand for 30 minutes to 1 hour. After that rinse your hair with shampoo to clean, then you can rinse again with clean water. For better result and make black glossy hair, you can use a conditioner of an avocado to get black hair and shiny after using hazelnut oil for curing your hair. Prove it, you are getting your hair shiny black after using two to three months treatment.

  • Coconut Oil and Olive Oil


Oils above are similar and effective to hair care and treatment. Care your hair with coconut oil or olive oil on a holiday, due to treatment with these oils requires several rinsing stages. You have to rinse the shampoo two or three times before rinsing again with clean water to eliminate the sticky feeling on the hair and scalp. How to use you can read more in my article about the treatment of hair with coconut oil and hair care with olive oil. Please read again.

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