Natural Treatment for dry scalp

How to treat Dry Scalp with natural treatment

If you have problems with dry scalp, it signifies that your hair is too dry type. The condition of the dry scalp is also greatly influenced by diet and styling. Dry scalp condition is common and quite annoying because it causes itching, irritation, and dandruff. Dry scalp is usually caused by skin conditions like eczema. In addition, often caused by diet, cold weather, and styling that makes the hair dry.
How to treat your dry scalp with natural treatment in your home?
If you are looking for natural ways to overcome this dry scalp, try the following ways:

hot oil treatment for hair

1. Check your diet

Vitamins are nutrients that can’t be produced by our bodies, so we have to take vitamins from our food. Vitamins and minerals play an important role in skin health and deficiency of vitamin B, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, and water can cause dry skin. If you have dry skin, it sign that you have dry scalp too. Make sure you drink enough water and eat lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, and 100 percent whole grain. You can also take a multivitamin supplement with high quality to ensure that you are not malnourished.

2. Do not wash your hair everyday

hot oil treatment for hair

If you have a habit to wash your hair every day, all kinds of shampoo can erode the natural oils from your scalp. Reduce the schedule to wash your hair and see the results.

3. Make your own hair mask

Once a week, you can do routine maintenance using a natural product that aims to moisturize hair and scalp. The use of a hair mask will naturally improve the moisture of the hair follicle and soothes dry scalp.

hot oil treatment for hair

Here’s how to make avocado mask is suitable for dry scalp:
– Mix the avocado flesh from one avocado with eight ounces of mayonnaise to form a layer of pasta.
– Apply the paste to the hair and scalp.
– Flatten the mixture into the hair strand by strand until
– Wear a hair cover while
– Wrap in a towel
– Allow the mask to infuse for 30 minutes

hot oil treatment for hair

– Rinse with cold water

4. Massage the head

If your head does not produce enough natural oils from the scalp to prevent dryness, try a light head massage to help stimulate blood flow and oil production. When you do shampooing your hair you can use conditioner too. Make sure you massage the head for several minutes.

5. Hot oil treatment can cure your hair and dry scalp

Take two tablespoon of olive oil, you can use it alone or mixing with honey. Warm for 5 minutes then wipe it evenly to your hair to your scalp. Massage the oil to seep into the pores of your hair.. If you have a hair steamer you can use it to speed up the process of absorption of oil into the dry scalp or use a warm towel to cover all your hair that has been spread with oil. Let stand for 30 minutes so the oil seep into your scalp. Rinse with shampoo, then you can use natural hair mask like the number 3.