Natural treatment for straightening and coloring hair

Natural Treatment for Straightening Hair

For women, hair is like a precious treasure. However, due to the adverse effects of pollution, UV rays, high temperature clamp of equipment, chemicals and even in a series of styling products to make them more vulnerable condition. Healthy hair is slowly becoming too weak, a layer of cuticle was eroded and eventually branch arising at the tip of the hair. If this condition is sustained, you will end up with dry hair, dull, and also fall out! So, is the most appropriate solution to deal damage to your hair?

Most modern women have a desire to perform according to the latest fashion hair trends. This causes the hair you are familiar with all kinds of chemical processes, such as straightening or curling. Generally the hair through the chemical process will lose nutrients and moisture, therefore to restore the beauty of your hair, do regular maintenance. Let’s say that by wearing the right hair mask like Vanilla and milk hair treatment, you can add natural nutrients contained in Royal Jelly extract its role as a Hair Moisturizer. All the ingredients work actively to maintain the balance of moisture when the water on hair strands. Apply evenly on the half-dry hair while massaging gently, then let stand for 10-15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Your hair will gradually recover feel smoother, more elastic, and soft.


Not only familiar with the weight of a chemical process, your hair was definitely too frequent daily use of styling tools like blow dryer or a vise, branched hair, feels dry and looks dull. Using castor oil combine with honey are good and enriched vitamins, minerals and amino acids that will moisturize your hair. Also accompanied with honey extract to improve the texture of dry hair and split ends. Use after shampooing, and whenever you to vise or styling your hair with the other equipment. Because the oil content in the product is going to give a reliable protective layer to be spread evenly throughout the hair. The result, the ends of the hair becomes fine, and natural lustrous look.

Here the tips while you hair straightening :

  • Avoid combing hair in your head down and brush it excessively, as this will damage your hair.
  • Do not overuse styling equipment. If you have to do it, try adjusting the temperature of styling equipment until not too hot and damage the hair.
  • Consider the ingredients in hair care products, if there is content inside with alcohol, It is better immediately stop using the product because the content can make the hair become dry and getting damaged.
  • Routine use of treatment products will address the diverse problems of dryness, dullness, loss, and even able to reduce dandruff.
  • Clean your hair regularly using a shampoo gentle and use a conditioner after it. These tips will make the hair more volume, apparently healthy, and extra shiny.

Natural Treatment for Colored hair

With the development of today’s fashion trends it seems, rarely do we find the hair that has not been characterized. Indeed, hair coloring can add a trendy look. There is a face so it looks brighten, there is also a finished look thin. What is clear for the changes it makes us look better not hurt as long as we follow the trend continues to routinely maintain maximum health and well so it looks stunning.
How to care? Here the tips for colored hair!

Hair Humidity

Hair humidity has an influence on the hair performance. Colored hair will look to be drier than the hair is not dyed. Therefore, it is good using a natural conditioner after every shampoo to the hair shaft and ends. For more intensive care routinely give more attention to the hair at least once a week with a hair cream bath with Kiwifruit juice with specially formulated for hair that has undergone a process of chemical, straightening, curling and coloring including bleach process. Kiwifruit extract serves to provide nutrition for hair colored, and also act as anti-oxidants that protect the hair. Vitamin C, E and potassium contained in kiwi fruit is good for hair moisture balance. Hair becomes soft and shiny.

Washing temperature

For colored hair, there are rules you know the temperature for washing hair. Do not use hot water, otherwise, use cold water. Why? Because of the hot water will open the hair cuticle and reduces humidity. As a result, the hair will break more easily. Do you not want it?

Drying temperature

In addition to playing with leaching temperature, turns out we also have to pay attention to the temperature of drying hair. Actually, the best way to dry your hair is naturally, can be a fan. Drying is better than using excess heat from a hair-dryer. But of course there are times when we are forced to dry your hair with a hair-dryer. If it were so, just play the drying temperature. Do not get too hot and we scalp receive excessive heat, which could result in damage to the hair.

How to make Kiwifruit juice?

Take a slice of kiwifruit (taken only as needed) to make a kiwifruit juice 200 cc only takes about 200 to 300 grams of kiwi fruit. Then peel the skin and mash the juice in the machine, leave the seeds were destroyed, pour in a bowl and then use the cream evenly each time you shampoo, leave for 30 minutes then rinse with clean water and cold. Kiwifruit juice is very good for hair coloring treatment to keep shiny hair and not dull.
This natural treatment for straightening and coloring hair may share for free by hot oil treatment for hair.

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