Obese Women Hair Treatment

Obese Women Hair Treatment

Obese women hair treatment – Obese women will often feel overheated due to excess fat in the body. In general, obese women will have greasy hair and looks drenched because of sweat on the scalp.

obese women hair treatment

Signs that you are experiencing hair moisture balance that is the base of the hair will be greasy but the tip of the hair will be dry. Therefore, to treat obese women hair you should not wash your hair too often, just once a day only. This will make your body will react to moisten your hair because the hair will be too dry.

To avoid dryness on the hair, it is important to keep the hair moisture. Dust and dirt will accumulate on the scalp as your hair greasy. If you do not properly wash this will be a problem on the hair soon. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a gentle shampoo and use conditioner from the middle to the ends of your hair. Do not use conditioner on the scalp, immediately rinse and dry the hair by combing it.

Lack of consuming foods containing zinc will cause your hair to fall out. Generally obese people be deprived of zinc therefore if your excess weight and hair loss you have too much, then you should consume foods that contain a lot of zinc such as nuts or seeds such example soybeans.

To maintain the beauty of your hair, you should do the following tips below

– Do not touch the hair
Typically, a woman often touched her hair by hand. This resulted in the oil on your hands will stick to your hair. Remove this bad habit and should use a clean comb to touch your hair.

– Using headgear or veiled
Wearing headgear or outdoors cap will protect the hair from dust, pollution and hot sunshine. It is good to keep to keep hair clean while outdoors.

– Do not use hot water when shampooing
At the time being shampooing, avoid the use of hot water. You should do is rinse your hair with cold water.

-No Rubbing the head too hard
Oil production will increase if you rub too hard on the scalp while shampooing. Therefore, gently rub your scalp so that moisture is maintained.

– Use a hair dryer
When you use a hair dryer, keep the distance is not too close to the root of the hair and use a low temperature. The recommended distance to the use of a hair dryer is 15 cm from the hair and 15 seconds is the maximum drying time in a particular area.

That’s about obese women hair treatment, thanks for reading.