Olive Oil to Prevent Hair from Split ends

Olive Oil For Hair Split Ends

Olive oil to prevent hair from split ends – For women who want healthy and long hair there are many things done to care with natural treatment. Many women believe that nurturing and caring for long hair is difficult, therefore many women who cut her hair short to facilitate maintenance.

Olive oil for hair split ends

Indeed, short hair type is easier to take care of than long hair. But in fact this is not a problem that can’t be overcome, as long as know the cause then you can deal with it quickly.

A common problem and this is frequently happen in long hair is the hair gone to crack at the end of the hair. This is happen because oil that produce on oil glands in the scalp can’t reach to the hair tip. This problem causing the hair tip becomes dry and brittle compared to the other’s hair side. In addition to problems experienced on other causes oil glands that make your hair branching is use a shampoo that does not match to your hair type, too often you do the hair coloring and another thing that makes split ends can also be caused due to the grooming process is not appropriate, such as brush and comb your hair quality is not supported.

olive oil for split ends hair

For natural branching hair care and treatment we can use olive oil as its main ingredient. The easiest way is warmed olive oil a few minutes then wipe evenly from tip of hair to your scalp, massage gently until the oil evenly wet the entire surface of the pores of the hair and scalp. Let stand until night, the next morning wash with a shampoo that suits your hair type.

If your hair is already branching and cracked you should first to cut the branched and the cracked part before starting treatment with olive oil. This is important to do to speed up the hair growth of new healthy hair. After all the hair that grows unbranched you can every care with olive oil twice a week until your hair really grow fast and unbranched again. After that do the treatment every once a month to maintain the health and avoid damage to your hair.

In addition to treatment with olive oil there are other things you should do is use conditioner and special cream to treat split ends, you can make a creamy mixture of avocado and aloe vera hair cream, please read again the other tips of home making hair mask. This is important if your hair is already damaged and branches and this action going to normalize the condition of your hair.

When you made treatment your branched and split ends hair with olive oil, you should avoid using a hair dryer or other things that could inhibit the treatment process such as doing hair straightening and curling using chemicals products. If you want to make healthy curly hair please read the tips on how to make curly hair naturally and safely.

olive oil for split ends hair

Trim / steam your hair routine every 8 or 12 weeks if your hair is long or 6 weeks for short hair. Cut the ends of your hair are broken with the layer model. This model can remove the hair broken without you having lost most of hair.
Avoid using too frequent menstruation dryer and brushing or combing your hair. Use a brush or comb the hair with a good quality hair comb. Do not use a comb that has lost some of his teeth.
To get rid of the hair that cracked a good idea to do a proper sweep. Use a comb brush that has rounded pads at the ends. Cushions will give stimulus to the hair grow healthy. Combing not only get rid of dust and tidy up, but to help spread up the oil content hair need.
Before shampooing you should comb the hair first so easy to set up and does not wrinkle. Use a wide-toothed comb when hair is wet. To be smooth and soft hair you should use a large brush comb. So you should always clean your brush comb. Good luck.

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