Onions Home Lice Treatment

Onions Home Lice Treatment

Onions home lice treatment – Lice treatment are varies considerably from natural methods to treatment with chemical drugs. Modern treatment done by many people because it takes a relatively faster when compared to natural lice treatment because of modern treatment uses chemicals as active substance.

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However there are many people are reluctant to use chemical lice treatments for fear of the side effects of the drug uses such as itchy and wound on the scalp because not everyone has the scalp is immune, there are some people who have scalp allergies to chemical ingredients.

We recommend that before modern treatment doing some test should be performed first on your scalp to avoid side effects that could arise from the treatment.

In this modern era are also many people who do not want to some risks the side effects because head lice treatment is usually much less frequently in children because of their association at the school. Parents would be more prudent to perform a chemical lice treatment because they are afraid of allergies in her children scalp.
One safe way to get rid of head lice in children is with onions and coconut oil, this method is often used by our parents when I was child. I still remember when my mother had treated as many ticks in my hair just by using a mixture of coconut oil and the onions and the result is very effective because many lice die after smeared onions mixture with the coconut oil.

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Onions is the kitchen spice to make delicious flavorful dishes on food, as well as onions believed to be useful for the treatment of various diseases both in internal medicine and external disease. Onions is also believed to cure head lice because they contain active ingredients effective to kill lice. Efficacy of onions for lice treatment will be more powerful when combined with coconut oil. Please read more about the lice treatment with coconut oil.

Ways of making herb is also very easy, grab some onions and mashed to a smooth consistency and give a little of coconut oil, this herb can direct used to eradicate lice in the hair. How to use it is also very easy onions mixture evenly with coconut oil is gentle on your child’s hair.

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And it would be even more effective when done at night when your child is sleeping, then cover her hair with plastic cap or a towel, open the towel in the morning and usually you will see a lot of dead lice there. To complete the treatment you can comb his hair with a special comb for lice.
To avoid and prevent lice treatment can be repeated again every three months or six months depending on the environmental conditions where the children live.

Hopefully this tips about onions lice treatment is beneficial to you, see more home lice remedies on this blog.