Overcome Branched Hair with 5 Steps of Natural Treatment

Overcome Branched Hair with 5 Steps of Natural Treatment

How to overcome branched hair with 5 steps of natural treatment – Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy hair, but some women find can’t have a beautiful and healthy hair, they have hair problems like dry, chapped and branching. There are many things can cause your hair to be branched, for example if your hair is too often exposed to sunlight, using harsh chemicals on the hair, too often using a hair styling tool for curling or straightening.

branched hair treatment

To overcome branching hair there are 5 stages of natural treatments that you can doing at home. Here are the steps to be branched hair care to make your hair become healthy and beautiful and no more branched.

  • Cut off the end of the branched hair

Before doing the hair treatment, early step we have to cut off the ends of damaged and branched hair to stimulate the hair buds growth into healthy and unbranched.

  • Massage the hair with natural oils ( 1st Week )


Natural oils that can be used is coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil, or you can use the mixture of all the oil above with the same ratio. The trick is pour the oil in a bowl and heat in a water vessel. Use the oil to massage on your hair and scalp before you shampooing. This treatment can help blood circulation in the scalp that can make the hair growth healthy. Perform massage approximately 30-60 minutes before washing and shampooing with natural shampoo. Do it twice only in the first week.

  • Use an egg mask ( 2nd Week )


In addition to massage with natural oils you can make an egg mask in the 2nd week because as we already know that egg yolks can be useful for branched hair treatment. How to make egg mask is an egg yolk mixed with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey. Then use the mixture as a hair mask evenly throughout your hair. Let stand for 60 to 90 minutes, cover your hair with a shower cap or warm towel. Then wash your hair, you should use baby shampoo that contains natural ingredients. Do it twice a week.

  • Papaya mask ( third week )


One of the causes of dry hair, brittle, branched are due to a lack of protein. Papaya has a protein content that can help soften the hair and take care of it. The way is to make the potion papaya as an ingredient for hair mask. To make papaya mask is quite easily, puree 200 grams of papaya mix with 2 tablespoons yogurt, and apply to all parts of the hair. Close the head with a shower cap and let stand 30 minutes, then wash as usual. Do it twice a week too.

  • Honey as a conditioner ( fourth week )


Honey can be used as a natural conditioner to help overcome the problem of branched hair. Honey is useful to provide moisture and softness to the hair. How to do just use honey as a conditioner after shampooing regularly to help cope with split ends . Looking for natural honey that test how good or not is by pouring honey on thin paper, then toss. See the bottom of the paper if it looks wet means the honey is not good because it contains a lot of water, and vice versa when the bottom of the paper is not damp means honey was still good because less of water.

Similarly, five natural steps to cope damaged and branched hair in a month, do it regularly for up to six months to repeat the second step until the fifth of the following month to get healthy and unbranched hair.

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