Overcome Hair Loss after Childbirth

Overcome Hair Loss after Childbirth

While caring of the new baby, some problems are usually a little annoying to mother, one of which is hair loss.

What is the cause and how to solve the hair loss problem after childbirth.

For you who have experienced hair loss after childbirth was not too worried, because it is temporary. But, for you who have just experienced, must be a bit worrying to see a lot of hair loss while shampooing, when combing, even when doing everyday activities.

Hair Loss Caused after Delivery

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect many things, including hair. And did you know that during pregnancy, the hair is in the best condition? This is caused by increased androgen hormone that extends the hair growth phase. Hormonal changes also stop oil production in the scalp that causes hair during pregnancy appear more shiny and fluffy.

hair loss after childbirth

And after childbirth, the hormone androgen is reduced again. This causes the hair cycle returns to normal, the growth phase of hair loss and stalled for nine months. This loss may occur from mild to severe hair loss.
In addition to hormonal changes, causes of hair loss after childbirth are certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies or stress that causes the blood circulation to hair substandard.

Overcome Hair Loss after Childbirth

Typically, post-partum hair loss is temporary and will go back to normal in a few months. But, although it could return to normal naturally some proper care can help overcome hair loss problem after childbirth.

Supplements or Hair Tonic

One solution to overcome the problem of hair loss is taking supplements or vitamins and using a hair tonic to provide nutrients to the hair follicles. You can choose to buy a hair tonic that is in the pharmacy or choose nourish hair with natural ingredients or herbal ingredients.

hair loss after childbirth

Saw palmetto might the right choice as supplements to help your problem. Some herbals ingredients as hair tonic such as avocado, aloe vera and some oils which good for hair treatment likes olive oil, castor oil, lavender oil etc.

Hair Cut

For you who have long hair, try to cut your hair shorter to reduce the burden and reduce hair loss problem. Short hair can reduce hair loss and easy to care.
So do not worry if you see your hair falling after birth, because this is normal. But some proper hair care can help overcome or minimize it, until your hair is back to pre-pregnancy.

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