Scalp Ringworm Treatment Oil

Scalp Ringworm Treatment Oil

Scalp ringworm treatment oil – Ringworm is the same as fungus infection at the skin. Ringworm can attack to skin, nail and hair and scalp ringworm infection usually affect to children. It is usually the children were happy to share something personal with their friends such as wearing a towel, comb or a hat together. Some people can carries of the fungi, they can move from the head while combing or wearing towel to the other. This happen in your home or when they do at school.

scalp ringworm infection

Pet who has a fungal skin infection can transmit to human. You should know pets such as cats and dogs you whether he’s healthy or fungal infection. When your pet is infected with the fungus, get away from the kids and treat as soon as possible before it spread to your family. To treat fungus that attacks your pet can consult your veterinarian or the usual and common you can use antifungal drugs such as Griseofulvin with the dose 2 times more potent from the human adult dose.

pet ringworm infection

Scalp ringworm mainly affects to children and teenage because of increasing sebum on the scalp is more often when compared to the adult scalp.
Recognize early on fungal infection on your scalp, dandruff usually looks like a regular spread in some parts of the scalp that look like white patches. We may be difficult to distinguish between a scalp ringworm infection and psoriasis because the symptoms are almost the same intense itching on the scalp. We advice for the first time you might visit to a doctor to ensure your problem because usually the doctor will send to the laboratory your hair or a scraping of affected skin sample.

tinea capitis infection

And we know that the doctor usually give an oral antifungal medicine to clear scalp ringworm such as :
Griseofulvin that been the first choice for scalp ringworm treatment for many years. It take 500 mg daily as single dose for 8- to 12-week for best treatment. Children can take 125 mg or a quarter to adult dose a day.
Another option is Terbinafine as substitute of griseofulvin. To completely remove your scalp ringworm it need to take four-week to clear the fungus completely.
Other antifungal medicines, such as itraconazole and fluconazole, are sometimes used.
However, most of the antifungal drugs usually contain some side effects such as:
Leukopenia, granulositopenia, headache, peripheral neuritis, fever, blurred sight, insomnia, reduced skills, dizziness and syncope, can occur in the gastrointestinal tract mouth dryness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and flatulence.
The skin can occur urticaria, photosensitivity reaction, erythema multiform, vesicles and resemble morbili eruption.

For this reason of the some side effects of anti-fungal drugs then some people are reluctant to seek medical treatment. Here we create a traditional and natural ingredients to treat fungus on your scalp with no side effects that are harmful to your health and children. Please read more on Home making Seborrhoeic Treatment Oil. This recipe is very good for scalp ringworm treatment.
I’ve proved my herb hair oil is very effective for all skin diseases and fungus on the scalp treatment.

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