Shea Butter for Hair Treatment

Shea Butter for Hair Treatment

Shea butter for hair treatment – One of the many natural hair products and easy to find around us is Shea butter. Shea butter often we read in the composition of beauty and naturally products and hair care naturally products such as in the shampoos, conditioners, hot oil treatments, soaps, lotions and creams.

Shea butter hair treatment was first used in African women to prevent the issues surrounding their curly, dry and unmanageable hair. Shea butter has been used by African women has been passed down through generations and are believed to overcome all the hair problems.

shea butter hair treatment

Shea butter is processed from the Shea tree of Vitellaria Sapotaceae tribe parasoxa CF Gaertin which are common in the African continent, especially in the area of the Sahara desert that is known and it is phenomenal. This tree is one of African to be one of the very commodities bolster their economies so that many farmers who grow it.

Before modern technology found the people use a simple and traditional way to make Shea butter but now they are using more sophisticated tools in making Shea butter processing exported to various countries including the United States. Shea butter is widely consumed as a substitute for cooking oil in the diet.
Elsewhere use Shea to make soap, healing balm, cosmetics, candles, oil lamps, and for residential waterproofing putty. Shea wood was used to make tools, flooring, joinery, chair, equipment, and mortar and pestle. Wood also created fierce heat and can be prepared as a substitute for kerosene, but the destruction of trees’ for fuel is not recommended because it uses more prominent drugs and economic contribution to rural African villages.

shea butter hair treatment

With a fat content of 50% Shea butter is very well suited to cope with hair loss and make your hair shiny and soft. Therefore a lot of cosmetic products and natural hair treatment which also uses Shea butter as a main ingredient.

Shea butter for natural hair care products

Shea butter has been sold all around us so we do not need to home making Shea butter from the original tree. American women almost exclusively use it in cosmetics, in Africa has diverse uses. Around the world Shea butter is used for its ability to soothe the child’s skin, softens rough skin, protect against sunburn, chapping, irritation, ulcers and rheumatism.

shea butter hair treatment

The benefits of Shea butter for dry hair care and chapped very well because it can provide natural UV protection directly. This is one of the reasons it is loved by people of African skin and hair almost constantly exposed to weather conditions and occasionally harsh. UV protection is useful in other places too. After some hair UV protection allows us to maintain the spirit of nature, color care and tenderness.
To emollient and softening the quality of Shea butter makes it useful for hair and body, because it is easily and rapidly absorbed when applied topically. Shea butter is very dense and it may be too heavy for certain types or oily hair. The hair is thin but curly hair or wavy can become overburdened from Shea.

For those fascinated by the benefits that they want to try it even though they have a lighter textured hair I recommend using Shea butter as a hot oil treatment and followed with 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water as an astringent. People who wear their hair in locs and use Shea as a pomade will also find useful periodic cleaning agents if they want to avoid oily build up that may occur.

However, for most types of hair, Shea is good hot oil treatment, where it was melted, cooled slightly, then applied warm to the ends of the hair and scalp branching occurs. Using the art brush is a useful way to apply warm oil to the scalp. Part your hair in any sections as you work. Wearing a plastic cap, sit in the sun, if possible, or at the bottom of the hair for at least 1 hour. Or, cover head with a towel to retain heat. After half an hour shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Shea adds shine and suppleness.

This app is highly recommended for a super thick, curly, frizzy or dry hair. To make your curly and smoothen you can apply Shea as a conditioner when you have shampooing your hair in wet then rinse your hair thoroughly.
Scoop out about a teaspoon of Shea butter in the palm of your hand, use less for shorter hair and more for long hair as needed. Place the palms of your hands together. Rub gently using your body heat to melt the Shea butter. After the transformation from solid to liquid Shea, rub it on your hair. Then style as usual. This is great as a weekly for hair dressing pomade for gloss and shine.