Spicy Foods Can Cause Hair Loss

Spicy Foods Can Cause Hair Loss

Food turned out to affect to the healthy and beauty of hair. Often, eating spicy food makes your hair damaged because when spiciness of the scalp will spend a lot of sweat, so the hair becomes damp.

In addition the scalp increase oil production to the head, if you don’t wash your hair frequently it might cause dandruff that can turn your hair fall out. So you might to avoid eat much spicy food frequently. It is better to consumption many fruits and vegetables because those foods are good for hair nutrition.

spicy food cause hair loss
spicy foods (illustration)

On the side of spicy foods, some of the issues below can also lead to hair loss

  • Diseases, such as high fever
  • Stress
  • Wrong diet
  • The influence of drugs, for example due to chemotherapy or too long a particular drug consumption
  • Hormonal disorders or pregnancy
  • Metabolism disorders
  • Wrong hair care, for example too many chemical using when doing for hair straightening, often mutually exchange shampoo, hair coloring, and too often using of hairspray
  • Oftentimes of using electronic tools likes hair dryer or curling iron.
hair loss problems
severe hair loss (illustration)

Overcome hair loss is very important. This is one of the hair problems that is often feared by many people is hair loss. Because if not addressed can lead to baldness. One cause of hair loss easily is dandruff. Dandruff usually occurs on oily hair types. In case of severe dandruff can be accompanied by flaking of the scalp. In addition to dandruff, heredity factor might cause of hair loss too.

Foods that contain lots of fat and carbohydrates as well, as well as psychological factors can also be a factor causing hair loss. When hair loss caused by dandruff you should treated the dandruff first.
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