Stale Green Tea for Hair Loss Treatment

Stale green tea for hair loss treatment

Although the modern hair treatment is growing rapidly, but for most women still believe in the traditional hair treatment as well as cheap hair care of course and traditionally a natural hair treatment are using natural materials as the main ingredient.

green tea for hair loss treatment

There are various natural hair loss treatment that has ever we write on this blog. This time we will present the other hair loss treatment by using stale green tea ingredients. This method has been widely used mostly women in Asia and parts of Europe, now the American people are also starting to choose hair loss treatment impeachment using stale green tea.

Beginning of hair loss treatment using stale green tea comes from China and Korea because there was a tradition of drinking tea together especially during the winter. The rest of the tea is then used to wash the hair and it turned their hair to be strong and not fall off easily. From this experience then developed and then not use leftover tea from the tea ceremony but then they intentionally soak the tea leaves to be used as a natural hair treatment.

Home making stale green tea

How to make a green tea solution is very simple: get to taste some tea leaves and then pour in hot water, you can add as well as a fragrance of jasmine flowers. If you use tea bags or tea leaves you can dissolve some instant tea bag into hot water. Allow the solution to this tea for two or three days until it is cold and stale (do not put a refrigerator). Use this stale tea solution to wash your hair in the morning before a shower, leave on for 15 to 30 minutes before you wash and rinse with clean water.

natural hair loss treatment with stale green tea

Use regularly twice a week until your hair loss is reduced. You can combine this treatment with some hair loss treatment mask from avocado or aloe vera cream that you can create yourself to provide nutrients to the scalp so that it will accelerate the growth of new hair to replace the hair loss is.

This is really simple to do and you can see the results after two months with regular treatment. We hope the tips of hair loss treatment using stale green tea is beneficial to us all. Thank you for visiting our blog.

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